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Isaiah Hodgins: 'Crazy to see how far I've come'


Giants wide receiver Isaiah Hodgins' career has been anything but linear, but his story is the epitome of hard work and dedication yielding success.

Recently re-signed to the Giants, Hodgins joined "Tiki and Tierney" on WFAN to talk about his career trajectory and the Giants organization as a whole.

As he detailed his journey from a sixth-round draft choice to the Giants' leading receiver in the 2022 postseason, Hodgins admitted that the process was not always easy. His father, an NFL veteran himself, helped him to maintain a positive outlook.  

Hodgins recalled his father's advice: "Those are going to be people you're going to be playing against in a game one day."

During his time in Buffalo, learning from players like Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley presented Hodgins with an opportunity to finetune his own game play.  

When he received a call to join the New York Giants nine weeks into the regular season, Hodgins was elated to reunite with Buffalo's former offensive coordinator.

"With Daboll, he's going to tell you why you're not playing or what you're not doing good or what he thinks you can do better," he detailed. "And when you're doing great, he's going to tell you that. He's going to tell you to keep going. And he'll tell you how he sees you in the future. I think that's something a lot of players respect."

Hodgins came ready to rise to the occasion and take advantage of each opportunity, and he specifically named Daniel Jones as a motivating factor for each player in the locker room. "He never stops. He just keeps going."

Even in-game, Hodgins said Jones is a true leader. "He's just calm and collected. He's like that silent dog."

As the offseason continues, Hodgins expressed his desire to continue playing alongside Jones. "I think he's got a lot of success coming his way in the future," he concluded.


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