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It's Now or Never for CB Terrell Thomas

Cornerback Terrell Thomas joined NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" to discuss everything from his return from ACL injuries to going up against wide receiver Victor Cruz in practice.

Thomas on if his mindset is "now or never":

"It does. It has to be. It's hard in the NFL. It's a high-performance business, a lot of young guys coming in the league coming for your spot. I'm going into my sixth year – still a young guy – but playing cornerback with two ACL's, it's getting real thin. It's been a tough year, but I've been pushing through it and I'm healthy right now."

Thomas on which part of training camp will let him know he is physically ready to play:

"I think it's one-on-one. I think that's when you're on an island, you're by yourself, you have to be able to react, anticipate, and really get that confidence back. Everything else you can kind of predict and control, but one-on-one with a receiver, you're by yourself and your knee is going to tell you if you're ready or not."'

Thomas on what it's like covering teammate Victor Cruz:

"He's explosive. He's very powerful and strong -- a lot of people don't understand that. He's very compact, and I think it helps him. He has a great Pro Bowl quarterback that gives him the option to do whatever he wants, so it makes it challenging. So you've really got to be on your toes guarding him."

Thomas on the differences between Cruz and Hakeem Nicks:

"They're both hard to guard. They're both different. Hakeem is more strong, smooth, very confident, long arms, strong hands, real aggressive. Victor is the opposite. He's in the slot. He has more of a two-way go, very explosive out of his breaks, and really that option route is what kills you because he can go in or out. And in the slot, you really have no help in that nickel, so he does a great job in there." SUGGESTED GIANTS.COM CONTENTMAILBAG: When will Strahan get HOF call?
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