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Jack Mara

Giants vice president Wellington Mara and Giants president Jack Mara, circa 1964. Wellington Mara - New York Giants - File Photos (AP Photo/NFL Photos)

During the very first game the Giants ever played in 1925, Jack Mara followed each play along the sidelines as he held the first down marker. It wasn't long before he held far more important jobs in the organization. Mara was only 22 year old in 1930 when his father, Tim, turned over the ownership of the Giants to him and his younger brother Wellington, who was all of 14. He served as the team's president for 31 years and was in charge of the Giants' business operations. Jack Mara was the driving force behind one of the most significant decisions in franchise history, to move the Giants' home games to Yankee Stadium from the crumbling Polo Grounds prior to the 1956 season. Tim Mara detested Yankees owner Dan Topping, so it was Jack who negotiated the deal that saved the financial future of the franchise. Jack Mara also lobbied the owners to share television revenue, which helped create the parity that has made pro football America's favorite spectator sport.