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Postgame Quotes: Coach Joe Judge, QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, DL Leonard Williams, OT Andrew Thomas

Head Coach Joe Judge

Q: (Opening statement on the game)

A: "Have to] give credit to the Buccaneers, they are a well-coached team, very talented and obviously they deserved to win tonight. Generally speaking, we have to do everything better – we didn't do anything really well enough to win the game tonight. Can't make mistakes, with turnovers, penalties and mental errors – we have to make sure we put our players in a better position through coaching. Have to make sure we execute when we have the opportunity to make plays. And with that being said, our focus will shift to Philadelphia. We have a six-day week, turnaround for a division opponent. We'll begin immediately tomorrow, getting ready for the next opponent. But we're not going to turn the page on this as coaches until we make sure all the corrections are made."

Q: (On players' body language being down 17-10)

A: "I thought our guys stayed in tune to the game – I thought they did, especially through the first half part you're talking about when we went down 17-10. I thought our guys were in tune to the game, competitive. Look, down the stretch, I have to look at some things on tape before I make any assessments, but we have to make sure we do a better job to put our players in a position to have success and then we have to go out there and execute and finish the plays when they're in front of us."

Q: (On the play-call on the first drive of the second half that led to a Buccaneers interception by NT Steve McLendon)

A: "I'm not going to go through a complete play-dissection in terms of the tempo – the line that was part of the strategy right there with different tempos, every team does as far as mixing them in at different times. That one right there, as far as moving the line, obviously to throw a quick snap off-of a direct read – obviously [it] didn't work."

Q: (On the hurry up offense before the end of the first half)

A: "They had multiple timeouts – just wanted to make sure we could move the ball in a position right there to give us a shot at the endzone."

Q: (On QB Daniel Jones' performance)

A: "Yeah I'm going to look at the tape before I make any final assessments of any individual player."

Q: (On the team's offensive performance)

A: "We have got to do a better job scoring points – I know that sounds pretty obvious and to the point with it, but I'm going to keep it very blunt on that right there. We have to do a better job of putting our players in a position to make plays. We have too many good players and we have to put them in a better position to capitalize, that's it. We have to make sure we sit down tomorrow as a coaching staff and understand how we have to play this game and give our players a chance to make plays. So, in reference to any body language or anything at the end of the game, I'll handle the corrections we have to make. But as a player, there are some things I would be frustrated about as well."

Q: (On what he said to the team)

A: "I'm going to keep that between the team right there."

Q: (On if he has faith in OC Jason Garrett)

A: "I have faith in all the people on our team: players, coaches, everything. But look, we'll assess everything as a team and make any move we need to going forward."

Q: (On how the offensive line performed)

A: "I think at times the guys protected very well, especially early when we played the game the way we talked about playing it throughout the week – when we called it the way we talked about calling it throughout the week and getting the guys to push the ball down the field. We had a lot of shots down the field – some we capitalized on, some drew penalties. Some, wherever they ended up down the field, had opportunities. We got into a mix again at the end of the game, we were behind and obviously they knew we were going to throw. We've got to change it up more now – we have to make sure that we call the game [and] give our players a better chance at success."

Q: (On the potential of a change at offensive coordinator)

A: "Let's not read too far into this right now – I respect and understand the question, but we'll stay off of that right now."

Q: (On the return of his skill players returning tonight from previous injuries)

A: "I expect us to produce at a higher level, let's keep it at that. My expectations are pretty high and I'm not compromising for anybody."

Q: (On WR Kenny Golladay's performance and lack of targets)

A: "He had more than one, but it wasn't enough. He had more than one, but it wasn't enough – we'll make sure we correct that."

Q: (On his expectations heading into the game)

A: "I wouldn't read too far [into that] right now versus any other time – I think you come out of a game like this that you prepared extremely hard for, you knew they were a tough opponent, you knew there was a way you had to play the game. I get frustrated for the players. I stay late and I wake up early because I want to see the players have success, let's not make any mistake about that. My only concern is the team success and the more I say team, it starts with the players, they're the most important part of the team. So, when the guys work hard throughout the week, I want to make sure they have an opportunity to reap the benefits of that hard work. Now that comes down to coaching and playing. Guys have to execute plays –I have to look at the tape to make sure to make corrections where I see fit, but I have to make sure from my standpoint that I get this completely right for the players to go out there and if they can play aggressive and understand we're going to be in a position to have success. To be honest with you, I don't think anybody works the hours and comes away without the success and just sits on back and says, 'That's okay, we'll go get them next time.' That's not really in my DNA, that's not really in our demeanor. I'm going to keep a constant, consistent approach and attitude with the players. They know what to expect on a daily basis. I'm always going to be the same with them, win or lose – they're going to know what to expect, but I'm going to be very direct and very honest and very blunt. I'm going to make sure they understand that I care about and respect them as a person, but also that means pushing them in a position to get outside of their comfort levels. That all being said, when players do that and they respond the way we ask them to and they work the way we ask them to, I expect them to produce more than we have. I expect to produce at a high level. I've said that at the beginning. I'm not going to compromise that from anyone. I have a vision for this team that I'm going to build towards and we're going to get that right. I'm not taking shortcuts, I'm not thinking short-term, but everything stacks on a long-term vision."

Q: (On what he has to say to fans)

A: "Look, it's not your job to be patient. It's not the fan's job to be patient. It's our job to go out there and give them something to cheer about, so let's just be clear about that right now. Fans buy tickets. Whatever they want to say in the stands, they've bought that right to do that. Fans support us, fans watch us at home, okay? They root for us, they pull for us and we appreciate that. It's our job to give them something to be proud of. It's not their job to have blind faith in us. We have to go out there and we have to work to put ourselves in a position so the fanbase has something to cheer for. So, I take this very personally. I'm a man of my word. When I look in the camera [and] I tell the people of New York, New Jersey and the fanbase area, when I tell them we're going to give you something to be proud of, I'm not asking you to be patient. That's not your job. I'm telling you, we're going to put something on the field you can be proud of. That's on my name, you understand that? That's on my name. I'm the leader of this team, I'm in charge of this team, that's on me. I don't point fingers, I don't make excuses. We're going to get this right, I'm not asking them to be patient through it, I'm just telling you point-blank. I just told the players, you just show up on Wednesday ready to go, that's it – you just show up ready to go. That's it."

Q: (On OC Jason Garrett comments about the offensive line earlier this week)

A: "To be honest with you, I didn't go through every article of what everyone has written – no one has really presented me with a lot of things. I've seen some of the things coach has said. If there's something that needs to brought to my attention, it normally is. I didn't see a ton of things that were said so I'll go on and look at the comments to see if there is anything I need to be concerned about."

Q: (On the coaches needing to put the players in the right position to have success)

A: "Yeah, put that on down, you can put that down tonight – you guys can write that tonight. Now the players have to execute, that's their job right? It's our job to teach them, and it's their job to go out there execute, but we have to make sure we keep putting them in a position to have success, and it's got to be consistently that way. So, you can go and write that down and I'm not going to debate that."

Q: (On rotating RB Saquon Barkley late in the game)

A: "No, we were just mixing guys in and out."

Q: (On making potential changes to the offense)

A: "This is not directly at Will [Hernandez] so I don't want this skewed in any way shape or form about Will, let's be clear about that right there. I'm going to watch the tape, I'm going to evaluated everything – every player, every coach and make all the decisions that are best for the team going forward, so simply put on that, everything is accounted for, everything is evaluated, and everything will be evaluated going forward. So, that is not directly at Will, I don't want something skewed and turned around because he was part of that question, but any player, any coach, everything is evaluated."

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: (On his first interception)

A: "Just a bad decision, trying to get the ball out of my hands. Got to be smarter in that situation."

Q: (On what the original play call was on first interception)

A: "Kind of looking at both of those guys; [running back] Saquon [Barkley] and then [tight end Chris] Myarick following him. Got to make a better decision."

Q: (On tonight's overall offensive performance)

A: "We certainly didn't execute, didn't do what we were planning to do going into the game. There wasn't much that was good enough. We've got to look at it, and we'll see it on the film. We'll see exactly what we've got to do better. But, certainly a lot to look at and a lot to improve on."

Q: (On if he expects changes to the offensive coaching staff this week)

A: "I haven't thought about that. I know as players, certainly myself, feel responsible for how we played and executed and that's on me. That's on all of us to do better. I think we were put in position to make plays, and we've got to make them. That certainly starts with me. I felt like we were prepared and we had a good game plan going in."

Q: (On if offense still has faith in offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and why)

A: "Yeah, I certainly do. We do. Like I said, I think we were prepared. I think we had a plan, and we didn't execute it. I think we feel responsible as players."

Q: (On why wide receiver Kenny Golladay was only targeted twice)

A: "I think [wide receiver Kenny Golladay], I think a lot of guys, we certainly wanted to get more involved and we didn't. He's a big time player for us, and we've got to get him more involved. That starts with me and finding him in some certain situations and getting him the ball. [Kenny Golladay], as well as the rest of the guys, we have to get everyone involved."

Q: (On what adjustments he believes can be made to make the offense more effective)

A: "It comes down to specific plays in specific scenarios. I think it's on us to execute the situation. There are opportunities there, there are opportunities to make plays. We've got to do it. I've got to do it. It's on each one of us."

Q: (On comments of Giants' head coach Joe Judge that team has too much talent to struggle like this)

A: "We've certainly got good players at spots and we've got to do a good job of getting them the ball. Like I said, it falls on me to do that. We had chances; there were opportunities. I've got to do a better job finding those guys."

Q: (On if team had belief they could win this game)

A: "I think we certainly did going in. We had a good week of preparation, and like I said, we were prepared going in."

Q: (On how difficult it is for him to function while under pressure like he was today)

A: "Yeah, credit to their pass rush. They've got a good [defensive] front. Some good players. It's on me to make good decisions, get the ball out of my hand on time, and see what they are doing on defense."

Q: (On if this loss seems like a tipping point for this team)

A: "We'll go back and look at what happened, look how we can improve, and move forward as a team. That's certainly my focus; to look at how I played tonight, correct the things I didn't do well, and move forward."

Q: (On what needs to change offensively moving forward)

A: "Just executing opportunities we do have, and finding those opportunities. I've got to do a better job finding those guys, getting the ball out to guys in space, and letting them make plays."

Running Back Saquon Barkley

Q: (On if he feels healthy after looking banged up at time during tonight's game)

A: "It's not the bang-up thing it's just getting my feet caught back up again. It's a little frustrating to have to sit out again and come back and feel like how I was Week One. Getting my feet caught back up. That just comes with missing a little time and just getting my body back. I'm going to do whatever it takes to continue to get my body back. To get my brain and my feet and my legs caught up together. That starts with this week. Obviously, we got a short week. We got a big game coming up against the Eagles and just take it one day at a time and get better."

Q: (On why he feels the team has struggled so much to score)

A: "We've got to execute. It's just that simple. We got to execute – make plays and we're not doing that."

Q: (On if he feels skill players like himself are being put in an optimal position to succeed)

A: "I mean as a player I feel like that obviously there is different schemes all around. But at the end of the day everyone's running pretty much the same thing - if you really break it down. As players we're not making plays. It's just that simple. We [have] to go out there and make plays. It starts with myself as a leader all the way down to all of us on the offensive side. We are a very talented group. We believe in each other but we're not doing it. It's just that simple. We're not going out there. We're not making the plays that need to be made and that starts with me."

Q: (On if he believes in Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett's play calling and scheme)

A: "Yes, I believe in him. At the end of the day, like I said, it's easy to just go and – everyone wants to blame the coaches. I feel like sometimes instead of pointing the finger, you [have] to point the thumb. Look at yourself in the mirror. If I go out there and make more plays or if this person or that person goes out there and makes more plays, it's not even a conversation. That's what I believe, and we got to take that [upon] our self as players. We got to go out there and make plays."

Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

Q: (On Buccaneers QB Tom Brady's time in the pocket)

A: "He definitely sat back there longer than we hoped. I think that first drive he was getting the ball out pretty quickly. The way we could've affected him was getting our hands up and knocking down some balls, or getting pressure in front of him and making him feel us a little bit. There were times where he was sitting back there, patting the ball and we didn't get enough pressure today. I didn't do enough today and up front in general on the defensive side we didn't do enough today."

Q: (On the defense allowing over 400 yards for the sixth time in 10 games)

A: "I think we started off a little shaky. I think we have been doing pretty [well] in the last few games. Today we gave up too much and like I said it starts with me and my guys up front. I don't think I got enough pressure; I don't think the guys up front got enough pressure on the quarterback. We needed to help out our secondary by doing that and overall we just didn't execute."

Q: (On how hard it is to win games when the offense isn't producing)

A: "I think it is hard to win games in this league in general. It's any given Sunday really and any team can beat any team. It really takes all three phases of football to execute their job and win their one-on-ones and win their matchups to win the game. This a tough a league, and that was a good team we played against. I still have confidence in everybody on my team."

Offensive Tackle Andrew Thomas

Q: (On Coach Joe Judge's message after the game)

A: "This game is over with. In six days, we play Philly. Come in Wednesday with our minds right and hair on fire to get better and get ready for that game."

Q: (On the state of the team currently)

A: "Obviously, a tough loss, but we're going to rally together. The biggest thing that we talked about in the locker room is not pointing a finger at anyone. Everyone looking in the mirror and fixing whatever they have to, to be better."

Q: (On what it will take for the offense to score more frequently)

A: "I think it's just consistency. In a lot of the games that we've played, we've moved the ball really well, but we get in key situations – and Coach [Joe] Judge says it all the time, 'Everyone can't have a my bad.' That's what happens sometimes, whether it's me, someone else, everyone has a play, and when you're playing against great teams you can't do that. Everyone has to execute every play – that's the key to winning."

Q: (On his touchdown reception)

A: "In practice it's a lot easier. The tempo is obviously a lot faster [and] the pace is a lot faster. 'DJ' (Daniel Jones) had pressure on him, made a good throw, and I did what I had to do to make the catch."

Q: (On if the offense was confused by Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles' scheme)

A: "I don't think we were confused. I think we had the right scheme, the right protections – it's just all about execution. That comes down to technique [and] communication, but I don't think they did anything to out-scheme us today."

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