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Postgame Quotes: Coach Joe Judge, S Julian Love, QB Mike Glennon, QB Jake Fromm, LB Lorenzo Carter, RB Devontae Booker

Head Coach Joe Judge

On the defeat:

A: Obviously we didn't do enough to have success today on the field. I thought for the most part that our defense did a good job of keeping us in the game. Up until the [39-yard Jalen Reagor] punt return our special teams did good things in terms of field position and giving us opportunities to make plays. We couldn't get anything going offensively today. We obviously have to have some kind of production in that phase to compliment the defense and the special teams when they're making plays for us. Ultimately it wasn't good enough. We have to go back to work this week and there are a lot of things that we have to improve on. I'm looking to see these guys finish strong and go out competing. We had a good week of work with the guys and I count on seeing the same thing this week going into Chicago.

On the change of momentum in the second half:

A: Obviously you can't start the second half off with a turnover. That led to a touchdown which made it 10-3, and then we didn't have a good punt and then on coverage, we missed a few tackles which gave them good field position there. Then all of the sudden it's 13-3. Now look, it's still a two possession game with a lot of ball to play. That can't be a situation where all the sudden it feels insurmountable. We just have to go ahead and play one play at a time, one drive at a time and keep playing the game. The reality is, in the first half our defense played as well as we could ask them to. We had opportunities for turnovers and we were attacking the ball. You say, 'Keep on attacking the ball and something is going to go our way right there.' The kicking game was doing a good job of giving us field position and not letting their return game get started. I was happy with the way those two phases were playing. Obviously offensively we couldn't get anything going right there. When you start playing two out of three phases, you've got to make sure that the third phase can come through and give you something right there. We knew it was going to be kind of slug-it-out type of game for us to have success, and you saw an element of that in the first half. You don't want to play with some of the limitations that we had in the first half. However when you go to the second half, there were a couple of things in terms of [the Eagles] having that shot down the field which led to them getting some more points and then the two late touchdowns. Those were two inexcusable things that can't happen.

On the play of QB Jake Fromm:

A: Obviously we didn't do anything good enough on offense. I'll watch the tape and I'll break down him and [QB] Mike [Glennon] as well. I decided to make the move of going from Jake to Mike because we weren't getting anything going offensively. I thought there were some opportunities that we did have in the first half and early in the second half, so I had to get something in there going to give ourselves a chance to make some plays that I thought were out there to make.

On what he will say to Fromm after today's performance:

A: You're a young player and you have to learn and develop. This is the early part of your career, so you have to learn from what happened today and you have to make improvements. You have to make improvements on execution and obviously your decision-making will improve over time. But he has to come back to work on Wednesday just like everyone else.

On whether the quarterback play had an effect on the rest of the team:

A: I'm going to look at the tape before I make any huge statements, but obviously you have to get significant play out of key positions. We have to execute everything better. Offensively nothing was really good enough today. We have to make sure that we come back to work and give ourselves a chance. We have to capitalize on the opportunities that are in front of us. When you watch the tape and you sit there and you're watching the sideline and you're talking through different plays and scenarios, you say, 'Okay we've got this, this, this. We've got to get back to this and give ourselves a chance and make sure we don't lose an opportunity on this again.' The emphasis has to be on getting back to something when it's there, but you have to capitalize on the opportunities when they give them to you. Most teams in this league are not going to give you a second swing of the bat. When something is there the first time, you have to make your shot.

On the decision to remove RB Saquon Barkley late in the game:

A: Just the situation in the game right there. He's got some bumps and bruises. I thought Saquon played hard and obviously we couldn't get enough going for him. That was just a decision that we made right there at the end of the game.

On whether he had a sense that the team felt that the Eagles lead was insurmountable when it became a two-possession game:

A: No, I saw our defense consistently take the field with the right demeanor and the right attitude. I really did. [The Eagles] made some shots and chunk plays in the second half, but the one thing about our defense that I'm always proud of is that they never decide when they're going to take the field, but they always decide how they're going to take the field. They always decide to take it with the right demeanor. They practice the right way, they have the right demeanor, and they play as a unit together. I see a lot of individual improvement, and I see a lot of collective improvement in that phase of the game. Obviously I've talked all the time about how you have to play and build a team, so I'm proud of a lot of guys on defense in terms of how they're pushing forward, how they're playing, and how they're competing. They did a lot of things to keep us in the game today. Then obviously when you can't do anything offensively to get the ball moving, that sets you behind and there's not too much more that the defense can do to hang on there.

On whether he was ever concerned with the team's effort:

A: I saw our guys fighting. I'll watch the tape and anything that I see in terms of loaf or anything, obviously we will address. I saw our guys out there fighting and pushing on through. Obviously you see a lot of those extended drives at the end of the game, when it's a lot of open empty sets and running back and forth. A lot of times you will see that it's just natural that you will get three, four plays in a row in which receivers aren't moving at top speed all the way. We're trying to rotate them and keep them fresh. But I didn't see anybody necessarily in that realm right there.

On whether Mike Glennon or Jake Fromm will start at quarterback against Chicago:

A: We'll decide based on how they practice. We'll see how these guys do.

On a media report which stated that he would return as Giants head coach next year:

A: In regard to any type of reports like that ever, I'm never going to comment on hypotheticals on jobs, mine or anybody else's. That's just a blanket statement that you're always going to hear from me no matter what it is or who.

On whether Giants ownership has assured him that he will return as head coach next year:

A: I'm never going to comment on anything hypothetically about jobs, mine or anybody else's. I appreciate the question, and I understand what you guys are asking. It doesn't matter if you're asking about me, [Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator] Pat Graham, [Quarterbacks Coach] Jerry Schuplinski, [Defensive Backs Coach] Jerome Henderson. I'm just telling you that I'm never going to comment on that in a press conference. I appreciate what you have to ask and I completely understand it. But just understand the way that I'm going to answer the question.

On whether he had a sense that some players had to be convinced that the Giants could rally after falling behind by two scores:

A: The encouraging thing is that when I kept talking to the skill group and the offensive line on the sideline, and we talk about going back out there saying that it's a two possession game and we're going to get back in this, they still have the right look in their eyes and they're still going out there to compete. They're still going out there to fight the entire time. You talk about the situation in the game. At one point it was a 17 point game, and I had to talk to them and tell them, 'Here's where we're at. It's three possessions and this is what we're looking at. We're approaching the fourth quarter right now and this is what we're thinking about. We're thinking about four-down territory, on-side kicks, different situational calls.' They're locked in and they're glued into that right now. They understand that we're going to go out there and we're going to fight until the end.

On his decision to personally address the wide receivers during the game:

A: I talked to them several times throughout the game, and a lot of it was about expecting what type of coverage [the Eagles] were playing and what that's going to do in terms of some of the calls that we're making. We talked about contested catches, blocking in the run game, things of that nature. So it was more a schematic type of approach.

On the touchdown by Eagles WR DeVonta Smith that was reversed after originally being called an incomplete pass on the field:

A: They just said it was done [by the NFL Replay Center] in New York. They reversed it [on the field], and then they said New York was looking at it right there, and then they just told me that it was going to count as a touchdown. There's not much more you can do right there. We can't challenge scoring plays so you're just sitting there waiting. You get a lot of communication from guys in the [coaching] booth in terms of what they're looking at on television and the replays. What you're really looking at right there is what you're seeing on television, but ultimately it's what the officials see and what New York sees.

On the return of WR Kadarius Toney:

A: Obviously he was on a short week coming back, and with only a couple of days of practice due to the ramp up off of COVID, the package put together for him was considering the situations where we really wanted to get him in there. There were times that we put him in multiple plays in a row, which was something that we weren't sure about in terms of his conditioning. He fought through a lot of things and when he had the ball come his way, he was able to get in space, make some plays, get vertical, and convert some things.

On the product that the Giants put on the field today:

A: It's not good enough. Point blank. I'm not going to make excuses and try to church it up. The reality is this – you play to win the game. You coach to win the game and to give the players an opportunity and a chance. While there are things in every game that you say are positive which you can build on and there are individual or unit performances where you say, 'Okay this is what we're looking for.' Collectively it's not good enough. So we have to do better next week.

Safety Julian Love

On how he felt at halftime when the score was 3-3:

A: At halftime we were where we wanted to be on defense. We wanted it to be a really gritty, grind it out kind of game. Up until the half we were doing that. Now it's just finishing the game. We didn't execute the way we were in the first half.

On whether it's wearing on him that the offense isn't scoring points:

A: I try not to deal with what's going on with the offense. I really just try and be the best I can be on defense, special teams, and where I'm on the field.

On what the explanation was for his personal foul from the referees:

A: I was confused on that play. I don't know what they called, something with the helmet. It was ticky-tacky to me, but they called it so it was a penalty, unfortunately.

On what the mood is like in the locker room after losing four games in a row:

A: It's tough. Especially with this one because it was a division game. This one we feel it. The guys who are ready to work and ready to put this team first show up on Wednesday. They get the corrections that they're going to get, guys are coachable, and so far we're taking steps forward as a team. That's all we look for. That's what [Giants] Coach [Joe] Judge preaches. He has a thing about looking in people's eyes, who's going to fold and who's going to step forward. I know a lot of guys are going to decide that in these next couple of days for sure.

Quarterback Mike Glennon

On the adjustment of coming in for Giants QB Jake Fromm in the second half:

A: Obviously not how we envisioned it going but I have to be ready at all times. Unfortunately we weren't able to come back, but we'll keep fighting. Two games left in the season. Come back to work on Wednesday and get ready to go.

On what he sees in Giants QB Jake Fromm:

A: It just felt like it was tough to get something going. Tough to get in rhythm. First start, it's not an easy job, a player in the NFL. Obviously there's some things that I'm sure he'll want back, but all-in-all he handled himself really well this week. He prepared really well. I felt his maturity and presence. It's been great working with him so far. Unfortunately it didn't go as we wanted.

On what would he say as a veteran quarterback to Giants QB Jake Fromm after his first career start:

A: I reminded him before the game that he belongs here. He's had a lot of success leading up to this point. There's a reason why he was such a decorative player coming out of Georgia and all the wins he had there. I just told him he's here for a reason, that he belongs, and should go out and have fun. You know, obviously, it didn't go as planned.

On his reaction that Giants QB Jake Fromm was named the starter this week:

A: Obviously not what I wanted. Disappointed. But I prepared all week and was ready to go mentally. I was game-planning just like any other week so I felt prepared. I take pride in being professional and always staying ready.

On what his feelings are internally after four losses in a row:

A: You know what, it's not what you, you put in all this work and you want to win. But at the end of the day it's our job to show up again and put our best foot forward every single week. When we come to work, we have to be all-in and that's what I see. Although the results aren't what we wanted, the preparation and mindset I don't think has fallen off at all which is good to see.

On why he thinks the offense has a hard time being successful:

A: I think if we could pinpoint one thing, then we'd already have that answered and be playing at a higher level. All across the board I think we need to execute better. It comes down to execution. It always will. We just need to execute better.

Quarterback Jake Fromm

On how he was feeling early in the game:

A: I was juiced up. I was ready to go. I was excited. Obviously I wish the ball would have been exactly where I wanted it to be, but I was amped up and ready to go. I guess maybe the first couple got away from me.

On how he felt about the whole experience today:

A: I would say it's not ideal. I wish I would have played better. It's frustrating for myself. It's not the way I wanted to have represented myself, my family, or, of course, this organization. It's tough, but I'm going to learn from it. I don't think it gets much worse than that. I'm going to learn from it. I'm going to grind. I'm going to work my tail off to get better and play better like I know I can. I'm going to give everything I can to the guys on offense, to this team, and be the best me I can be from here on out.

On what happened during the interception and what he saw in the moment:

A: It was tough. I just kind of felt something happen there mid-throw. That's football. Stuff happens and you just have to respond and answer. I didn't respond and answer.

On whether he was expecting to come out of the game when he did and how they presented that to him:

A: I just got told by the quarterbacks coach that they were going to switch it up and put [Giants QB] Mike [Glennon] in there. That's just frustrating for myself. I wish nobody – any of the coaches – would have been put in that situation. I wish I would have gone out and handled my business, led us to victory, and we'd be having a nice ride home.

On what he was envisioning today:

A: I wanted to split the ball around, complete balls, move the chains. We had short fields there a couple times during the game and needed to put up six points. I just really wanted to get in the end zone. It didn't happen, it's frustrating. I'm going to grind my tail off to fix it.

On what he saw on the tight window completion to WR Kadarius Toney:

A: It's the way I wanted to start the game. You just have to go up there and rip it – can't think, can't worry, can't second guess anything. Just have to go out there and rip it.

On what the difference in mindset and emotion was coming in today and knowing he was going to start the game:

A: You have to be prepared for anything. The goal I had in mind was to start fast. We didn't do that and I have to get better at doing that whenever the opportunity rises – seizing the opportunity and starting fresh.

On what happened during his last drive when he took the sack:

A: The deep slot did a good job. He sent it over the top and came free and played football. Sometimes stuff happens.

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