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Postgame Quotes: Coach Joe Judge, RB Saquon Barkley, DB Logan Ryan, CB James Bradberry, WR Kenny Golladay

Head Coach Joe Judge

Opening Statement: All right, guys. First off give credit to that team. Obviously, they went out there and did enough to win the game. There was a lot of things that I saw today in the way we played, a lot of things that are moving in the right direction, a lot of things I'm very pleased with in terms of how we competed. And we were able to make some stops at critical moments, able to make some good decisions. A lot of guys stepped up in different situations. But, ultimately, we've got to make more plays, got to take advantage of the opportunities in front of us and got to make sure that we capitalize on opportunities when we have a chance to make big-time swings in the game. I'm pleased with a lot of the things on the team. This is going to be a good week for us to get together as a team, go out to the west coast, work together, reset ourselves a little bit, keep moving forward. That being said, open it up to any questions you got right now.

Q: Joe, when you say that things are moving in the right direction offensively, what did you see tonight that makes you think things are moving in the right direction offensively?

A: I think right now there are some opportunities we have as far as getting the ball down the field, pushing it down the field making plays. I like some of the plays that Evan was able to come up with, some of the catches Kenny was able to come up with, you know, some of the things Booker is doing with some catch and runs on the screen. Kyle Rudolph is doing a good job with some of the balls getting vertical, producing first downs. There's a lot of things moving in the right direction as far as that. I think our pass protection as a whole, although there are some plays obviously we've got to look at and keep on improving on, but I'm encouraged by some of the things we're seeing out there in terms of how that group is progressing. We've got to keep doing a better overall as a team.

Q: Talk about capitalizing on opportunities -- (no microphone) -- keep you up at night?

A: There were a number of plays out there today, Tom. And we've got to do a better job of taking advantage of all our opportunities. You have to understand, the margin for error in this league is so small and so tight. You look at that team today and we talk about. You know, Brian's done a really good job. Right now, here's in year three. He's got a lot more things moving in terms of the flow of the organization. And what he's doing a good job of is they really pushed through that seven game losing streak. In talking to them before the game, there is such a tight margin. We watch all those games they came with a tough loss and you say it's a play here, it's a play there. And that's really the story in every game. You've got to make sure you take advantage of the opportunities when they come your way. When you have an opportunity to extend the drive, get points in the red area, whatever it may be, get a turnover on defense, capitalize on something in the kicking game, you've got to go ahead and you've got to make the play.

Q: Joe, looked like they were kind of clogging up on Saquon a little bit and you didn't really get a chance to get him off today. What were you seeing?

A: Look, that's one of the top run defense in the league for a reason. That's kind of the way they play. They're going to load that box up and play a lot of man defense. They played a lot of cover three buzz against us or cover three dog. Went early downs with 12 personnel. That was how the plan declared. I thought the offensive staff did a good job making adjustments on the second half. Getting some things off the boot, getting the ball started out there on the flat, take advantage of these guys loading the box and packing it. But, obviously, the priority as a defense was to stop the run, try to go ahead and make us force it, force the throws. They played a lot of tight man right there. We saw our share of that blitz zero coverage. Large part of the game plan was how to handle blitz zero. You know when you play a team that's going to play that much of it, there's going to opportunities in the game you take advantage of. You know there's going to be times they make plays as well. That's just the ebb and flow of playing a team like that. I though when we handled it the right way, got the ball out there and had some productive plays against that zero look and made some plays pushing forward, that was encouraging. I saw Mike doing a lot of good things at the line of scrimmage as far as identifying what the look was, facilitating the offense, getting the ball out. I thought Mike did a good job of pushing the ball down the field early being aggressive. We had the interception down the near sideline early in the game. I thought our defense did a good job responding to that first off, ended up turning that into points for us. But offensively, message was stay aggressive. Keep pushing the ball down the field. That's something we've got to do as an offense as a whole, whether it's Daniel, Mike, Jake, whoever it ends up being, we've got to do a good job of pushing the ball down the field and giving our guys a chance to make plays.

Q: What happened in that sequence at the end of the third quarter where you guys called a timeout and then there was a delay of game a couple of plays later. What was the thought process behind that time out?

A: Well, it was second and long right there. I wanted to make we gave ourselves the best chance of staying out of third and long there. Obviously, they made a play. That was just happened right there.

Q: (No microphone.)

A: We had -- I think it was three straight three and outs at that point. Defense was really playing well. That was a spot right there that I felt that points were really at a premium in that game. We didn't want to give them a short field. Wanted to make sure if they had to be on offense they had to take a long field. As far as punting the ball down, using the position, trusting our defense to get the ball back. If we play to it and we execute the plays, we were probably going to get the ball back somewhere around midfield. Maybe lose about 15 to 20 yards in the initial starting point. But if we can play to it, we've got to do that. Obviously, we don't want to have the result we had on that play and give them the ball at the 20 yard line. But in terms of thinking of it, we're not afraid to play to our defense. When we get the opportunity there to say, hey, let's punt the ball down there and pin them, we've got to take advantage of those opportunities. We had some early in the game. Our coverage units are playing really well right now. Very encouraged by the coverage getting from the interior guys on punt. Some of the plays we're making from the outside with Keyon and those guys on the punts as well as the gunner position. Kickoff's playing really well. I don't think they got to the 20 yard line. That was the focus for us all week of covering kicks, being aggressive and physical. Making them have longer fields. So every opportunity we had to pin them back, that was part of the game plan. That was the focus.

Q: Joe, you mentioned a couple of things you were encouraged by on offense. Ultimately, though, 9 points and 250 yards. Some people are going to look at that and say how can you be encouraged when the results weren't there?

A: I saw a lot of players make a lot of big plays. That's what we've got to do. We've got to get the ball in our players' hands, let them make plays, let them extend plays and be explosive players. And that's our focus as a team. So that's what we're looking to do. We're going to play to the players, play to their strengths. Saw a lot of things today that really got the players involved. There were a lot of third and longs that we converted. We had a lot of players making big plays. I though Freddy did a good job calling things aggressively and pushing it down the field. I thought Mike really had the right mindset in how he wanted to play that thing. There were opportunities for catch and runs. We got the thing out and did that. But then also pushing down the field. Saw Kenny make some big catches, Evan make some big catches. These are some things that turn around. You've got to make these plays and be able to make these plays in critical situations and in tough games. We knew it was going to be it was a lot of tight contested catches today. It's a very well coached defense. They play very aggressive, very tight on you. So through the week we talked a lot to our players about you've got to defend your leverage coming out of the breaks and you've got to make those tight catches. And I was pleased to see our guys come out with a number of those today.

Q: Next week, is Mike definitely your starter?

A: Yes. Yeah. I would say at this point, yes.

Q: The injury to Kenny, did it happen on the play that was near out of bounds when the defender was trying to punch the ball away from him?

A: I believe it was on the catch he had going across the middle where he caught that high ball right there. It was near or after that when he came off, from what I understand. And then he came in at halftime, was able to return. And then towards the end of the game, he couldn't. Kenny plays with a lot of toughness and competitiveness. And when he's out there, he obviously makes plays for us. Kenny is a guy we talk about all the time of like, look, it may look covered at some points to other receivers, but when that's 19, don't be afraid to feed it to him?

Q: Mike seemed to have a pretty good rhythm with him in the first half. Did the rib injury affect Kenny do you think in the second half? Obviously, you didn't have anything going in the second half.

A: I don't want to comment on that just at this moment right now.

Q: Some of those coverage breakdowns on -- like the two touchdowns, what happened there? Seemed like guys weren't on the same page?

A: Let me look at the tape before I go ahead and break down everything. Obviously there are some things that didn't go exactly as planned right there, so we'll talk through schematically and make sure they're in the right position.

Q: You alluded to at the end of last week I think there was a little bit of uncertainty about what would be next for Daniel in terms of his next checkup. What's going to -- what's tomorrow going to hold for him?

A: All of our players will have that day after game checkups with all the doctors. Daniel will be no different than that. He'll check with the doctors tomorrow and continue through the progression. They'll continue to evaluate him. And when they deem that he's ready to return for contact to play full, then we'll have him out there playing.

Q: Anything new to report from you about his status?

A: No. There's really no change from when we talked on Friday. He's going to continue being evaluated with the doctors and see where it goes. Again, we've got to trust what they say. We're not going to put any of our players in a position where they go out there and they're at risk. There's a difference -- I tell you guys all the time. I'm going to ask a question of is it pain management or injury risk? When it's injury risk, that's not on my plate. When it's pain management, the player has to know to what level can they perform. We've got a lot of guys that are tough guys. I don't have to question our guys' toughness. All right. But can they perform at the level through that pain management. You know, Daniel is a guy that's been chomping at the bit to get back out there. We want to make sure the doctors give us the clearest picture of what his health and status is and what he's safe to do on the field. When he's ready to go, we'll put him out there?

Q: Are you comfortable with the reps Mike got in at practice this week?

A: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. I thought the way we worked this week in terms of getting Mike prepared and having Jake prepared and keeping Daniel moving, I thought that was the right way to do.

Q: You pointed out some of the things you saw that you liked. When the production isn't there, what is the balance for you as a head coach where, you know, it's not tolerable because you're scoring so few amount of points and so few touchdowns? What is that balance in terms of trying to be positive about some of the things you saw, the plays that weren't completed, so to speak?

A: Look, like any other week, I'm going to go through this tape. We get on this plane and start flying over to Arizona, I'm going to dissect everything about this game. First thing I watch is the kicking game, then I go to the offense, then I go to the defense, just the nature how I work on through the day. All right. And I'm going to go through everything, I'm going to look at everything. First schematically. And I'm going to breakdown everything, what did we do in each situation? Were we sound? Where were the breakdowns? What are the things we've got to correct from a schematic standpoint. Then I'm going to go back and watch it again personnel based. I know what the breakdowns schematically are. Are we asking someone to do something they can't do? Is someone not performing to the level we're asking them to? Is there something we need to do something different with a certain person or put another player in that role. And I'll break it on down. But I saw a lot of players go out there today and compete. I goes our defense and kicking game really made a lot of big plays. Our offense came up with some critical plays at tough times. We knew it was going to be a 60-minute type game. We knew it was going to be a very challenging defense to go against. You play against this team, you understand just the elements of pressure and what that does to an offense. And you've got to be able to play through it. I thought for a large part we did a really good job certain points in the game of playing through the pressure, neutralizing it, and making some plays and giving us a chance down the field. That being said, we've got to continue looking and saying, okay, with our players, we had some opportunities to make some plays. We have to keep dealing with those personnel moves and schematically what do we have to build on within those deals and then where to pull back and maybe change course on some other things right there. But there were a lot of players I saw make a lot of plays. I'm continuing to be encouraged by seeing the opportunities for players to go out there and make plays. Look, that's what it is. I tell you guys before, I see the game from the standpoint of letting your players go out there and play the game. That's our job. Facilitate the players, put them in position. I'm very encouraged by a lot of things our players in all three phases are doing. I'm very critical of our players, I'm very hard on them. But that's because I have a lot of confidence in them and I trust that they have the ability to do what we're asking them to go out there and execute. So I've just got to make sure to put them in the right positions and that when the opportunity comes their way, they can make the plays and that they are making the plays.

Q: Joe, you went Bredeson at left guard for Skura in that situation. Was that just a decision you made? Was there an injury with Skura?

A: No. We just wanted to roll him on through. That was something we talked about through the week, make sure we get Ben involved at some point. And the offense communicated with me at some point we're going to roll some different guys on through. I tell them all the time, look, I expect everybody to play, so let's just keep on moving and rolling them on through. All right, guys. Appreciate it. Travel safe.

Running Back Saquon Barkley

Q: Saquon, can you talk about how frustrating this stretch is offensively here with the 9 points today and --

A: Yeah. 9 points is not acceptable. We've got to be better. We've got to capitalize on opportunities. We've got to be better as a whole starting with myself.

Q: It seemed like they were determined to stop the run as their first priority on defense. Did you feel that early on that that was the way it was going to be?

A: In the last seven, eight games, they've been on that streak and that stretch. They've been the number one defense in the league, top 10 defense in the league. And they did a good job today.

Q: Saquon, you guys are probably going to have to play with Jake next week as quarterback as Mike has a concussion. So you look at him --

A: Wait. Who has a concussion?

Q: Mike Glennon. They just announced it. Sorry. So you guys have put up -- you did what you did today offensively and now you're going to have a guy next week that's never played in a regular season game. So people will look at it and say how can you expect to do any better?

A: Got to have the next man up mentality. And no matter if it's Mike or if it's D.J. or if it's Jake, when the opportunities are there, the plays need to be made. And we didn't do that today no matter who was at quarterback.

Q: How tired are you of just not producing?

A: Yeah. Very tired. We know that we've got to be better on offense. It's something that we haven't been doing this year, haven't been scoring touchdowns. And, you know, I know even though we're tired, I know defense is annoyed too because defense is playing lights out. So we've got to do a better job of playing all three phases. And we're not doing it on our side.

Q: When you say you know the defense is annoyed, how do you know that?

A: I mean, I'm just saying when you go out there and they're playing great, you know, they're playing great, we've got to go out there and make plays for them. When I mean annoyed, I mean understanding that football is about all three phases playing at a high level all together, clicking at the same time. And that's not what happened right now on this team.

Q: Saquon, do you feel 100 percent physically?

A: Nobody feels 100 percent physically. It's week whatever in the NFL.

Q: Can you kind of go through that play in the third quarter there. (No microphone.) What happened there? What did you see on that play?

A: You know, we knew they were a big coverage zero team. We emptied it out. Got me in a little position. They had a blown coverage, and we didn't make the play.

Q: Saquon, you had a play I think kind of slanting across there. You had a step or two on the linebacker. Should you have had that catch in your mind?

A: Yeah. It touched my hands.

Q: How big of a play could that have been?

A: Could have been a big play. And I failed. I didn't make the play.

Q: Are you comfortable with the commitment to the run game this season because your carries per game is down a lot from your first couple seasons. I think you're averaging 11 carries a game. Are you comfortable with that?

A: I mean, you know, not -- not producing in the run game right now so I can't -- cannot be upset that I've got 11 carries. We're not doing anything. Myself, I'm not doing anything in the running game. I'm not affecting the game in that aspect. That kind of happens, especially when you get down and you play from behind.

Q: How perplexed are you that you haven't been able to get it going and breakthrough a little bit here?

A: It's part of the game. I guess we're in a slump right now, talking personally, myself. And I could either sit down, cry about it and give up or go back to work and keep working and keep figuring it out. And that's -- I'm going to do the other side of it, go back to work, put my head down and keep working, keep leading and keep trying my best.

Q: Some people say he's not the player he used to be.

A: That's their opinion.

Q: What do you have inside you that gives you confidence that you are that guy?

A: Because I know who I am.

Q: You had two drops. I mean, you would classify them as drops --

A: Yeah, two drops.

Q: -- in the first half. When you look at that -- you're going to look at it on tape --

A: Got to make the catch.

Q: Is it --

A: Just got to make the catch. Just got to make the catch. Catch it, look it in, that's it. Go back to fundamentals.

Q: After a game like this, would you rather be going home or looking forward to get to Arizona?

A: I don't think it's a bad idea to get away, spend some time with your team. It's kind of like a little -- if you were in college, kind of like a little college trip. You get away. Obviously, you want to be with your family, but it's -- we can take advantage of this. These, what, eight days or nine days, however many days we're going to be out there. We can take advantage of this, use this as a trip to, you know, relax, breathe, come together collectively, figure out what we've got to do better. Also spend more time with each other. I don't see any fault or any negative things that can come out of spending time together as a team, getting to know each other more, especially this part of the season where we've got to try to make a run at it and try to win every game we can.

Defensive Back Logan Ryan

Q. Logan, Saquon just said, you know, he thinks the defense is annoyed by how the offense performed. You're on the defense. How do you feel?

A: I don't feel annoyed. Not at all, man. We knew what the challenge was. The challenge of how their defense is playing, their four-game win streak. They're almost playing like top defense in the league right now. We kind of took that challenge to try to match that, beat them. That's how we -- you know, we've got to play against Miami's offense and we can see what their defense is doing, but we can't get into -- we can only control what we can control. And Miami's defense beat us in turnovers today. And I think getting the ball has been a big key to us winning games. Today we didn't get one. If we don't get the ball, we're not going to win the games. So we've got to go get them. And unfortunately we didn't get it today.

Q. You've, obviously, always been very comfortable with us. Saquon was in here. You could tell he was really down. He felt like he was in a slump personally. Can you appreciate that as a teammate and obviously he's one of the leaders here? What do you see in him and how he's handling it?

A: I mean, you got guys young, guys with money in their pockets. And, you know, you can say Saquon has the world at his feet. And he still cares. He cares about this game. He cares about winning very deeply. He takes responsibility and accountability. And when you don't win games, you want to have people that take ownership. You want to have people that say, guys, it's on me. It's not on one guy. We know it's a team sport. But I appreciate that about Saquon. I appreciate that me and Saquon had talks when I got back about leading our side and doing what we got to do to find wins and fighting and scratching and clawing. And, you know, I'm sure he took accountability. And I'll let him speak for himself, but I love playing with Saquon. He's a lot more than what people see, just a super star or whatever they want to name him. He's a very thoughtful, works very hard and he takes accountability each and every day. And I respect that about him.

Q. You hear the cliche in this league all the time you can't win games by kicking field goals. When you're not scoring touchdowns as a team, how do you remain confident that you can still win these games?

A: I've seen teams do it, man. Look, you've got to -- we understand our starting quarterback was out today, which is similar to us going to Seattle last year, found a way to win it. You've got to find ways on special teams, find ways on defense. And obviously offense had opportunities today. But we've seen it happen in the past. We've seen defenses carry teams. I remember the Jaguars teams of the past for a couple years. And, you know, obviously historically good defenses. But you've got to generate points on defense. Field position is really important. Those punts, flipping the field and giving our offense the ball in scoring position was a big part of getting those field goals. And them obviously executing in the red area. Giving up 7s. We couldn't afford to give up 7s today. If it was going to be a field goal fest, we've got to keep it a field goal fest. Similar to last week. But we couldn't give up 7s today. We didn't have the margin of error to give up 7s today.

Q. What happened on that first touchdown? Looked like you and James maybe had miscommunication?

A: No. I wouldn't say miscommunication. A lot of that stuff was dashes, boots, scrambles. And sometimes people were uncovered in those plays kind of off script. And we know 2 is big on rolling out to his -- his left, lefty, very different. A lot of people in the league are flat right teams, defensive left. He's a flat right, our defensive right because he's a lefty. So just guys uncovering, extended play. So I don't think it was miscommunication at all. He just found -- he's very accurate. He found a little void there and dotted it in. So we've got to look back on tape and review it. But it wasn't any type of miscommunication.

Q. Do you think this trip to Arizona could be a good think?

A: I think it could be great. It's great for team bonding. It's great to get away from you guys a little bit. I know you guys are coming or whatnot. But it's good. It's good to get away. I mean, we're in Tucson. So I don't know what's going on in Tucson. But we'll be out by the mountains or whatever and looking over at Mexico. And we'll be hanging out and get over this and get ready to go to LA. LA played really good today. I saw the score. So be a great challenge. But the team's I've been on the past, this has been very beneficial. I'm sure Joe spoke on that. And that's why we're doing it, to get away from the noise a little bit. Kind of in training camp we don't really go away. Training camp is really different. So this is an ability to free up our schedules and go watch the tape together, go do some bonding activities and go be tighter as a team because down the stretch, it really doesn't matter how much you care about each other. Those little things do play a difference in building team unit.

Q. Is it hard to say here we are early December and we still have to work on team bonding and community? I mean, you guys have been together since July.

A: Yeah. I mean, but -- it's football, had a lot of injuries, a lot of new guys in there. The secondary today was completely different from the secondary three weeks ago. We had Aaron Robinson played no perimeter corner for us for all of camp and now he's out here starting at perimeter corner. Jaron Williams is starting at the nickel. He hasn't played with us very much. I move around a little bit today, played some nickel, which has been very different. Julian who has been our nickel was back at safety today. So we need team unity, we need team bonding. We have four guys playing four different positions just in our secondary alone. So it's been like that, a lot of moving parts this year. But that's football. There's injuries in football. Every team deals with it. We've got a lot of guys on the trip. A lot of these practice players, these guys bust their butt every single day don't get to come to the road games, don't get to be a part of that experience. They get to be with us, travel with us and they get to see, these young guys get to see what it's like to be a pro on the road and how you've got to pack it and go play in visiting stadiums. So it's a good bonding experience for the youth of the team. And I think it's very important.

Q. Logan, obviously you didn't have Daniel. And then we got word in here -- I don't know if you've heard yet, so I apologize for springing it on you -- that Mike Glennon has a concussion. So you go into potentially this week having Jake who wasn't on your team last week as your starting quarterback. In your experience, in this league or even earlier than that, have you ever seen something like this where, you know --

A: Yeah. I was part of the whole Brady to Garoppolo to Brucett thing where we had our third string in there and found a way to win games. Look, I don't know if you guys saw my high school quarterback tape, but I'm going to put it out there, emergency. A lot like Tua, a lefty. I can throw 2 yard passes to the left. I'm accurate. I'm smart. I'm going to put it out there. But, look, we're going to do what we've got to do. Had no idea on the injury situation. Not going to speak on it. But we're prepared to play some good defense, go get some turnovers, go score some points, support whoever's back there and get ready to have some fun on this trip and find a way to win on the west cost. I was a four star recruit. Dan remembers. You can check it out, man.

Cornerback James Bradberry

Q. The two touchdowns, seemed like there was some breakdown in coverage on both of those?

A: Yeah. So on the first one, we really didn't have a breakdown in coverage on either one of the touchdowns. The play just kind of went longer than expected and he was able to find the open target.

Q. The first one?

A: The first one, yeah.

Q. (No microphone.)

A: That's where I'm supposed to be.

Q. What makes it so difficult to deal with their short passing game where they're just kind of grinding out these long drives? How do you counter that?

A: I think Tua does a good job of reading it. And he's a very accurate passer. He has a quick release too. So quick game goes hand in hand with some of his strengths. I think that's what makes it tough to defend it.

Q. James, when the offense is struggling like it is, is it a little bit more pressure on you guys to kind of keep these guys out? And, you know, what added strain does that become when you know they're kind of struggling a little bit on the other side?

A: I mean, I think it's just pressure kind of going out there and playing general. So I try not to get too caught up in what the other side of the ball is doing. I know my job is to go out there and defend every blade of grass out there and defend them from scoring touchdowns. That's my approach every time I go out on the field, you know, stop them from scoring.

Q. What would you say is the mood of this team now as you head towards the last part of the season and your record is where it is?

A: We've got to win next Sunday. That's our mood.

Q. What do you think about this week of being together, you know, on the road practicing? Do you think this will be a good thing -- aside from the football end, just also to be together for this week?

A: Yeah. I think it will definitely help with the chemistry throughout the team. But any time we get to spend time with each other and talk football and talk life, it's going to bring us together. So that's the one thing about this trip that's positive.

Q. James, you've known about -- you guys have known about this trip I would imagine for a while. How unique is it to be taking a week like this, you know, going to a college campus and doing that? How do you approach it, I guess, as a team or even individually, how are you looking at it?

A: So like you said, we knew about this trip. So, you know, you want to hang out with your teammates, get to know your teammates more, build that chemistry, because of course there are some new pieces on the defense. But then again, you've got to make sure you take care of your body too because you're away from what you're used to, from your routine. So you want to make sure when you're away that you try to find ways to take care of your body however that is. I think that's the biggest thing for me as a vet going away from New York or your home, just building a routine and make sure you stay on top of your body.

Q. James, you guys on defense have had to play games where your offense is not scoring a lot of points. And you've had to be picture perfect to stay in these games. In a game like today where you don't score any touchdowns on offense, is it getting difficult to wipe that away and just play your game knowing every three points you give up could be too many points?

A: It's definitely difficult to go out there and play perfect. So as an individual, I never want to put myself -- like put that pressure on myself to where I have to go out there and play perfect. I just want to go out there and play. (Technical interruption.) Originally when I went out there, I didn't think he was going to throw it because he saw me. Well, I was hoping he threw it as I was going out there, but he didn't. So then when we skipped it, I was kind of mad that he didn't throw a good pass.

Q. James, this is the first meeting of the season that you guys didn't have a take-away. Seemed like a game where you probably -- it would certainly come in handy. How conscious were you of trying to force those on him and getting the ball away?

A: I mean, that's always at the top of my mind, you know, creating turnovers. I feel that's one of the reasons why I'm on this defense. But the way they ran the offense, it was definitely tough to create turnovers. I'm not making an excuse. We should have definitely created some turnovers. But it was definitely tough against their offense to do that. But, you know, that's our thing as a defense, we've got to create turnovers. So that's what we're looking for next week, you know, trying to create some turnovers.

Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Q. Kenny, what happened on the injury? Was it on that catch over the middle?

A: No. I kind of came on the first catch a little bit, I kind of just felt like something popped. I don't think it's nothing too serious. Get treatment on it. I was able to come back out there. I want to be out there with the team all the time. I was able to go back out there. So, I mean, I think it will just be day to day.

Q. Did you have to wear anything in particular or --

A: No. I was good. You know, just had to kind of, you know, take care of it a little bit in the back end. I was able to go out there.

Q. Do you have to have an x-ray or anything like that or are you worried about anything being cracked?

A: Yeah. I got the x-ray. No cracked ribs or nothing like that, so we're good.

Q. Did you reinjure it late in the game because you came out? What was the situation?

A: No. I think, you know, we were just being smart about it.

Q. Coach said he saw a lot of positive signs in a lot of players despite the lack of a touchdown. Did you feel that way? Do you see -- were there things you saw as positives?

A: Yeah. I mean, I feel like, you know, we're moving the ball, you know, well. At the end of the day, you know, we just didn't execute the way we needed to. They was able to blitz us a little bit. And we've just got to do a better job as an offense as a whole.

Q. Question regarding quarterback next week. (No microphone.) You know, Mike's got a concussion. What can this offense do with Jake if he's there?

A: You know, get a good week of preparation and I'm pretty sure he'll get the job done.

Q. 9 points and 250 yards. You guys are putting out like 260, 270, 300 yards a week. I mean, it's bottom level NFL offense stuff. How tired are you of just not producing as an offense?

A: I mean, yeah, it's frustrating. Only thing we can do is go back to work. And luckily we have another game next week.

Q. At one point, it looked like Joe was either yelling at you guys or trying to motivate you I think at the end of the third quarter. Was that him just trying to get you guys going?

A: Really just saying there's a lot of ball left. Keep going. We're not going to stop going to you guys. Yeah, just make sure no one is having their head down.

Q. Were you aware until just now that Mike had a concussion?

A: Yeah. That's my first time hearing it. I didn't know.

Q. Is it sort of like what next type thing after hearing that?

A: That's the game we play.


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