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JPP on the Cowboys Matcup


Q: How does it feel to make the Pro Bowl?

A: It is a great thing but hopefully I won't get to see it. Q: What does it mean for you to know that it was the players and coaches that voted for you?

A: All year I have been getting briefed about it but I didn't really care about it. At the end of the day, people are going to decide who is going to be in it and I just continue to play football.

* *

Q: Did you feel like it was a complement?

A: Yes, it was the coaches, players and the fans so it was a good thing.

* *

Q: What do you remember most about the game in Dallas?

A: I really remember the blocked field goal to win the game. It was at the last second, the blocked field goal, and we won the game. It was a big win and this week we have to play all out and leave everything on the field. Either you win or you go home.

* *

Q: Is that the game when you feel like you burst on to the scene?

A: Yes, it was but every game I play hard and I get complements every time.Q: What does it mean to see Osi back on the field?

A: It is good because now I get a chance to rest. It is a good thing to see him out there going as if he is going to go this week so we will see. 

* *

Q: Will that extra rest help you if he plays this week?

A: That rest will help me a lot and it will get me going. I was playing like 80 snaps a game and that is a lot. You don't really think about it, you just have to go.

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