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JPP on the Patriots


Q: How much does the defensive line compete amongst each other?

A: We compete amongst each other and if Justin gets a sack, I want two. If I want two, then Osi wants three. Basically you can say that we are greedy but in a good way, to help our team out. We try to get there quick enough to help our secondary cover better and try to get to the quarterback as fast as we can.Q: Do strip sacks count as two?

A: I leave that to Osi, that is Osi's thing. He is very good at it and we just try to get after the quarterback and have fun. That is the most important thing, is to have fun on the field and while you are doing it you just see a great group of guys having fun and it makes you want to have more fun.

* *

Q: Does that competitiveness show in other ways as well?

A: Yes, we clown around and stuff. If you look around, especially in the D-Line room, we clown around but when it is time to work, we work. That is a good thing, we know when to shut it off and turn it on.

* *

Q: What were your thoughts on the first time you played the Patriots offensive line?

A: The first time I played them, I really didn't know too much about them. We had studied them on film but as I look up on film now, they are a great offensive line but every offensive line can be beat. We are just going to get after them.  

* *

Q: How important is it to get after Tom Brady?

A: Everybody likes Brady and he is a great quarterback. He has done many things in this league and has been to the Super Bowl a couple times. They played them in 07 and they won and we play them in 2012 and all I know is that it is going to be a great game and only one team can win.

* *

Q: Did you watch Super Bowl XLII?

A: No.

* *

Q: How do you apply pressure on Brady?

A: Applying pressure is a big thing otherwise he is going to dink and drop us all the way in our secondary. We just have to get to him fast enough and at the same time we have to play the run game and stay positive and focus on what is in front of us.

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