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K Lawrence Tynes recalls 07 heroics



Q: What do you recall from the challenge in Green Bay and the lessons from that game that you can carry into Sunday?

A: Besides from the obvious things with the weather, we are going to have to be prepared to be perfect. This is tough team we are going to play, they are 15-1. I think they are 8-0 at home. To be the best, everyone has been saying you are going to have to beat the best and we are going to have to play a perfect game to beat them.

Q:  Did you watch that game?

A: I haven't watched it in a while but apparently it was on a lot this week and I have gotten a lot of texts and phone calls. It's obviously a special moment in my career for what I did, but I kind of moved on from that. We went up there last year and got our butts kicked. It's been four years, it's a great moment, it's a great memory, but we have a new task at hand this weekend.

Q: You ever allowed yourself to think what would happen if you missed the kicks?

A: Yeah, I wouldn't be talking to you right now. I mean if you miss three kicks in the fourth quarter of a championship game, I mean I would assume that I probably wouldn't be here. I was on a one-year deal anyway. I have done a great job since then, I have had a nice career here, but obviously you do have to think what if I didn't make that kick.

Q:  Do you have ever have trouble talking your coach into allowing you to kick?

A: No, do I think I would have trouble? No, I mean that decision I made was based on a miss that I had earlier in the fourth quarter. So I knew that I could get the ball there, it was just a matter of straightening it out a little bit and I felt good about it and obviously we went out there and I made it, so the rest is history.

Q: Most people would have a lot of doubts, how are you able to block that out?

A: I don't really have an answer, it's just something that I learned to do. When you play this position you have to have a short memory and I just think that make or miss, you have to throw it away. I had made two earlier in the game, the conditions were miserable. Everything has to be perfect when you are playing in those types of conditions and the last snap was great, the hold was great and we made the kick, so maybe my father, my mom, the way she raised me, I don't know.

Q: What were your emotions when you were running off of the field?

A: A lot, I mean sometimes I just want to cry because I am so happy, but a lot, I thought about family, my wife, my kids, it was a special time, no question.

Q: Do you go through visualization before you go out there?

A: No, I mean I just have to go through my routine. It has gotten me this far and if you stay with your routine, it is going to take care of you.

Q:  Does anything about your approach change when you know you are going to be kicking in those conditions, when you know you are going to be kicking a brick.

A: Well I am trying to go out here, but it's not really cold today. So I will be out there a little early on Sunday just preparing, but the ball does come off your foot differently, it's just something as a professional player that you have to prepare for.

Q:  Do you know that you are going to step away from that kick hurting?

A:  Yeah, I mean at the end of the game I assume there will be some discoloration on my foot, but I don't ever think about that until the end of the game.

Q: Have you been keeping an eye on the weather for Green Bay during the week? Do you care?

A: A little, I will look Friday; Friday is probably a little more accurate than it is today.

Q: Is there any way to quantify, like if 10 degrees will cut your distance by 3 yards?

A: Well, if I can make a 47-yarder when it's -25, then we will be alright.

Q: Out of 10 tries how many times do you think you could hit that?

A: Probably seven, probably a 70 percent kick, I would think.

Q:  Tom was talking about you running onto the field before you were even called, what inspired you?

A:  I had to amends for two pretty poor kicks in the fourth quarter so the fact that I wanted to keep my job, fact that I wanted to continue playing in this league, I mean all of those things, I knew I had to go out there and make that kick.

Q:  Have you ever had to treat your foot after a game like that?

A: Yeah, I actually had to drain it on Tuesday after the game. I assume most of it is going to be black. Anytime it gets below freezing at a certain area of my foot it really gets swollen so we will see what happens.

Q: What is the sensation of your foot hitting the ball?

A: You don't really feel it until after the game, so much adrenaline going on. I don't really feel pain until after the game.

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