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K Lawrence Tynes Transcript


Q: When do you think you will be able to kick again?

A: I'm day-to-day right now, so I'll probably try it maybe Wednesday or Thursday.

Q: You could barely walk on it. Feel better?
A: I'm definitely pleased. It feels really good. I was the same way you guys probably were when I walked out on crutches. I got an MRI yesterday and it came back really well. I'm definitely encouraged.

Q: You have a game a week from today. Do you fully expect to kick in the game a week from today?
A: I've got to kick first. I'm not going to make any predictions today. I definitely mentally feel like I could get there. I'm a pretty fast heeler. I generally have done well with things like this, so hopefully it's fine.

Q: Given what happened, do you feel lucky it wasn't worse?
A: Yeah, it was a good play by him and they blocked the kick. I do feel fortunate.

Q: What did you get on the ruling?
A: It's a no-call. Obviously, it's not a penalty. Maybe it's something they'll look at next year. I'm not saying we should have got the ball back, I'm just thinking maybe they should have started 15 yards further back. I'm very vulnerable right there--I'm not moving, my foot is planted. I'm just glad it was my kicking leg and not my plant leg.

Q: Have you politely asked any rookie tackles to pick up your man?
A: No. That's football. Mistakes are made; I make mistakes. Those young guys—whatever mistake was made, it's just football. It happens and I'm sure he doesn't feel great about it, but that's just what happens. I'm not bitter, I'm not pointing fingers. He's a young guy learning how to play the game, so no hard feelings whatsoever.

Q: Would you be upset if they brought in a kicker for a week or two?
A: No, not at all. This is my job; no one is going to take it from me. I feel if they want to make that decision, it certainly depends on my health.

Q: Dodge has been taking some kick-offs here. Do you welcome the competition there? Is that something you take pride in?
A: He can kick off, for sure. He's definitely capable; we all know his leg strength. He just has not mastered the run up. I mean, you see what he can do from 3, 4 yards away. He's got the ability and hopefully in two or three years down the road, I can say you kick off.

Q: And you'd be open to making that…?
A: Absolutely. I'll hand that over in a heartbeat. I'm so happy for him and what he's done punting-wise. With everything that happened with him last year and that he's able to turn the shoulder, move on, and I'm very happy for him.

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