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Kiwi talks Defense and Super Memories



Mathias Kiwanuka joined Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk Live this afternoon. Here's a recap of the interview.

Florio asked Kiwanuka what he's seen from rookie linebacker Jacquian Williams.

"Number one, he's a gifted athlete. You can see it on film. He has the ability to cover guys man to man. He's a hard player. But I think the thing, behind the scenes that people don't see, is he's been in here late nights, early morning studying, trying to get the defenses down. It's a complicated system for a young guy to pick up, but he's doing everything he can. That's what we ask. That's what we ask the guys. Everybody knows that we have guys who play multiple positions throughout the course of the game, and if you're going to be here, you have to be able to step up and learn."

This weekend the Giants travel to the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of their Super Bowl XLII victory. Florio asked what it will be like playing there again.

"There's a lot of new faces since we won that Super Bowl. I think, collectively as a group, there's still that memory of the Super Bowl, but we've definitely moved on from that. It's a new team, new year, and we're trying to build our own new memories. So I just think that every win that we get, we'll build on it and move forward."

Kiwanuka then spoke about going up against quarterback Kevin Kolb.

"He's obviously a great quarterback, he's a good talent. He has a lot of weapons, one guy in particular. But they do have a solid tight end group and others receivers that contribute. I just think that as a group, the fact that they lost their last couple games with it being real close, that's going to be the main thing. The fact that all of them, in my opinion, they're going to fight, they're going to be sound, maybe a little more aggressive because nobody likes to lose. And nobody likes to lose close games. So we're going to be ready to take their best shot."

To watch the entire interview on Pro Football Talk Live, CLICK HERE





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