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LB Adrian Tracy

Q: When is the last time you played linebacker? High school?

A: My freshman year of high school, I played. Then after that, it was probably the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star game was the last time I played a linebacker spot. It's fairly new to me.
Q: Is it a habit now to line up a certain way or do you put your hand on the ground?

A: I'm making the transition, you know. I'm learning. I'm getting more comfortable with my stance. I'm not in a rush to put my hand in the dirt, but wherever they need me, I will play. Right now I'm trying the SAM linebacker spot out and seeing how that works. Hopefully I can transition in and contribute to the team.
Q: Were you thinking at all during your senior year at William & Mary that you might have to make that transition?

A: I'm not even going to lie. To be honest, I was focused on that season. It was the last season that I had and it ended up being one of the best we had in the history of William & Mary. So I was definitely excited about that. I started focusing on making the transition when different teams told me that linebacker was probably going to be my spot.
Q: Any particular linebacker you started to study on film?

A: Not really, I was trying to get a feel of it. Just get the basics and try to emulate the players I have seen. It's definitely different than having your hand in the dirt, and like I said, you have different keys that you're reading and you have to pick up coverages and different individuals. It's more of me getting used to the position itself before I try to tailor my game after certain players.
Q: What do you look to learn from the veterans here at the New York Giants?

A: Just how they play Giants football. The next level, in and of itself, is at a different pace than college, and I was introduced to that today. Just how they play and how they play hardnosed and getting to the grind stone kind of players, and that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to learn from the older guys and even the second year players. (Kenny) Ingram helped me out today, and I definitely appreciate that.

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