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LB Chase Blackburn - 10/8


Q: How much are you guys, defensively, taken on your shoulders going into this week knowing that?**
A: Just like we did in the playoff game, we know we have to play well. We know that it has to be a defensive struggle. They can't put up a lot of points because who knows how much our offense will able to move the ball and score and we just got to have a good game this week.

Q: Have you taken note of what the 49ers have done the past two weeks offensively?
A: Yeah, you definitely have seen it. They put up big numbers beating the Jets like that and Buffalo. Played well, played balance as far as running the ball really well and the passing game to go with it – the play action pass and the big deep threats that they have. Obviously, they have played really well.

Q: Can you get away with some of the mistakes you guys made yesterday?
A: Definitely not. Not very often can you get away with mistakes like that and overcome them the way we were able to yesterday, but fortunately, yesterday, we were able to. The fact of the matter is we don't want to start in that 14-0 hole very often.

Q: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the NFC Championship game in San Francisco?
A: Defensive battle. That was the first thing that comes to my mind is just the struggle it was just to get any yards or points that game.

Q: Was it any more physical or tactical than other games that you recall last year?A: It was very physical. Tactic wise, it was really kind of the same type of game plans we went into with most of our games with, but just continuing to play good defense, solid defense and not giving up the big play and they did hit us with a couple in the playoff game. That's how they scored, got Vernon Davis up the sideline on a seam and just… We can't give that kind of stuff up anymore. We've had enough big plays against us this year and in the past and we can't keep doing that to ourselves.

Q: How often do you have to keep saying that to each other about giving up the big plays?
A: Yeah, but it's not about saying it. It's about going through the film study, getting the defenses that we're going to play that week watching film, comparing them and going through every situation that you can have. How are you going to play this route? How are you going to defend this run? That's what we need to do and it's not to talk about… Alright, we know we have to stop the big play, now we have to apply and go watch film and apply it through our game plan and then go out and practice it.

Q: Still waiting for that?
A: Yeah, obviously, we haven't got it corrected it. So we have to continue to work on it.



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