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LB Coach Jim Herrmann

Q: So are Kiwanuka and Osi all taking part in the linebacker meetings at this point?
A: Yes, we've switched on and off through a lot of different packages, as you saw. We are trying to get the best 11 guys on the football field, so we are experimenting with some things and looking at it. It looks pretty good.
Q: How is Keith Bulluck coming along?
A: Good. He's been through 10 of these and this is the 11th. I really enjoy having him in the meetings because he brings a different thought process because he's been to a different place. Anytime, to me as a coach, you get a new guy, you can learn from him just like he learns from me. I think the other guys enjoy it because it's a different perspective. It's kind of cool.
Q: Can you give an example of the thought process?
A: Just the idea that they played the over-front out there at Tennessee and they had different things that they would do against different formations. Just the insight and sometimes the coaches stand back and say, 'Hmm…that's not bad, let's look at that' or just the way the guys that he's played against. He does a great job studying people offensively. He'll say, 'When we played this team, the center has this ability or doesn't have this ability," so it's kind of an interesting deal for the other guys to hear that kind of insight.
Q: How has Phillip Dillard progressed so far this camp?
A: I like Phillip. He's a rookie and he's learning that the game is not too good for him. He played at Nebraska, he played at a big school. He goes out and he gets better every day. He takes control, which is what you have to do as a 'Mike.' I think the other guys who play with him hear his voice, and to me that is the one thing you need to have as a 'Mike.'
Q: You see him mixing it up with a guy like Chris Snee, do you tell him that you like that or do you tell him to settle down?
A: You don't ever want to fight because that doesn't do anything. I do like his tenacity.
Q: With the whole lack of tight ends thing, does that change how you guys practice?
A: No because it may happen during the season. So you have to make adjustments, and the offense has to make adjustments, whether you put an offensive lineman there or whatever. It changes the game somewhat but not really. We're moving right along.
Q: Has Keith Bulluck been limited physically at all?
A: No, not at all. When we got out in full pads, he is out in full pads.
Q: Is that surprising at all considering the injury he is coming off of?
A: No. I mean he rehabbed like a professional and got himself into position where he could go out and play, which is a tribute to him, to be honest, because he knew what he had to do. After his operation, he needed to work and that's where he is at now.
Q: There are a lot of differences between what he did at Tennessee and what you're going to ask him to do here:
A: Not really. They're pretty close to the same. There might be a couple little things here or there but for the most part it's just defense: tackle the ball carrier.
Q: What do you think of Clint Sintim's development so far?
A: Clint, a year ago, played for the first time back off the ball and looking into the backfield to get keys and reads. It was foreign to him. I feel like so far this camp, that has improved every day. Today, that was our biggest thing when he and I sat down. I said, 'Here's where you need to improve' and he has done a good job with that.
Q: Is this a quiet camp for him?
A: Not really. If you really watch the film and watch. Sometimes, you can't see because they don't tackle them to the ground. He has done some good things back there.
Q: What made you decide to put Kiwanuka back at linebacker in particular? Was it something you saw from him that you didn't see in the others?
A: To be honest with you, all of our defensive ends could stand back there and look like good linebackers. Good sized linebackers. Kiwi is very athletic, he can open his hips and he can move. He is very fluid. I see him as a linebacker because he plays for me.

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