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LB Greg Jones


Q: What did people say to you once you got the news Jon Goff was hurt?

A: They just said you have to step up and you have to be prepared. When I talked to Jon, that is the kind of guy he is, he expects me to be ready if that ever occurred and don't be a drop off.

Q: Who told you?

A: Coach Herm (linebackers coach Jim Herrmann) told me. He just called me and let me know. I was sad to hear that, especially what kind of guy Jon is. He was still walking around like he was fine, you would have never known unless somebody told you. He is a good guy and I respect him a lot for taking me under his wing since my very first day, telling me what to do and how to line up and how to be a leader.

Q: How ready will you be?

A: I will be as ready as I possibly can be, given the opportunity and be a leader. I'm just trying to gain the respect of my teammates and I believe that's what I am going to do.

Q: Can you make the calls on defense?

A: I can do it. I believe in myself to do it. I am not going to doubt myself and I have been preparing for it all the time although it has been a short time without OTA's. I believe in myself to do it.

Q: Do you know the playbook?

A: Yes, but don't get me wrong, it is always tough and nobody is prefect. I'm just trying to put my best foot forward.

Q: Have you ever lined up with the starters?

A: No, this was the first time.

Q: Was it different?

A: No, it was cool just being out there. It is a different type of motivation and everybody is so positive and not saying you are only a rookie. Everybody is saying you can do this. Believe in yourself and we will follow your lead and make the right call. Everybody works together so it felt good.

Q: Did you have to yell a lot?

A: No, I didn't have to yell a lot. They pretty much know what to do so it was pretty cool.

Q: Was there something that happened that gave you more confidence?

A: Really just from week to week and knowing that I am getting better and talking to the coaches a lot. Taking steps forward is what I am trying to do and not trying to overstep my boundaries. Just building up my confidence and watch more film and just critique myself more. Take the constructive criticism from my coaches and teammates and build on that and that is how I get my confidence at the end of the day.

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