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LB Jacquain Williams - 12/7

Q: Do you think you're ready to go for Sunday?
A: I practiced more than I ever did since the injury, so that's a good thing. I'm waiting to hear back from the coach and the medical staff, but I'm ready to go. I practiced well.

Q: Do you feel like it's time?
A: It's time. I practiced better. My team can use me and I'm ready. I'm just waiting on the release from the medical staff and coaches.

Q: You think you might be rusty?
A: It's been a while, so I'm ready. My team needs me and I'm ready to go.

Q: If you're out there, do you expect to see a lot of Jimmy Graham?
A: Yeah. He's a big part of their offense, so of course, I'll be expecting to see him.

Q: What is the type of test you put yourself through in practice to give you an indication of how you improved?
A: I went 100 percent. I treated it like a game and that's how I tested my body and that's why I'm ready.

Q: Was that all week?
A: All week. I've been practicing more than I ever did.

Q: With Kenny Phillips doubtful for Sunday, do you see yourself playing some safety?
A: That's something we'll see. We have two safeties. I play linebacker.

Q: Are you worried about how it's going to react on Sunday?
A: I'm not worried.

Q: If you do play, would you expect a more limited role?
A: I expect to play my normal role.

Q: Do you expect that Jimmy might be a guy that you become pretty familiar with on Sunday?
A: I don't expect my role to change at all. My speed is something that my team looks for me to do and I'm using my speed wherever they choose for me to go.

Q: Is he the most athletic tight end that you've seen?
A: He's definitely one of them.

Q: Are you worried at all?
A: Once I'm out there, I'm going.


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