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LB Jim Hermann

Q. Do you see Clint (Sintim) working in this year? Is there a lot pressure on him to contribute immediately?

A. I think with that whole group that we have here, they can all contribute. Number one, on special teams because linebackers usually make up a majority of those teams. In terms of defining their roles of where we're at right now, as we get into our preseason games you'll probably know more. I think all those guys will contribute or all have a role as we get into it.
Q. Clint (Sintim) said playing inside in the 3-4 at Virginia was very similar to how the Giants 3-4 runs, is that true, is it kind of a seamless transition.

A. I think in a lot of the things we do, it's probably seamless for him. He's done a great job with it, (but) there are some things that we do that he didn't do at Virginia. He's done a good job, and I think all the guys have really helped him, when he's back off the ball, how to play and what to look at. He's doing a good job with that.
Q. You said some of the other guys have helped him?

A. Yeah, Danny (Clark) and AP (Antonio Pierce) and Chase (Blackburn) have been around and as a group, we all sit in the same room every single meeting. We look at the same things, even though AP doesn't play his position, he can give him hints as to what "this is what I see, this is how I see it." We talk and I think that helps a young kid as he gets in there. I really like the leadership we have in that room. There's a reason they have been in the league for 9-10 years.
Q. With a veteran like (Michael) Boley, how much does he miss not being out there with you guys, with a new team?

A. Well, I would like him to think of it as a boxer. I'm sitting there and (I've) got a fight coming up and if I don't practice, I'm going to get my butt kicked. In terms of assignments, he's seen all that, but you have to go up and do it. You have to hear your defensive back call, you have to hear your other linebackers call.
Q. How has the transition been for you? Working for Bill (Sheridan) and moving to new teams?

A. Coach (Tom) Coughlin is very much like my first mentor Coach (Bo) Schembechler. It's like if I close my eyes I can be back in 1986 again.  In terms of working with Bill (Sheridan), I have always admired Bill. He helped me tremendously as a coordinator, and now it's my chance to do that for him. There's a mutual respect there. We work well together and the other guys on our staff are tremendous. I have known Mike Waufle for a long time and Dave (Merritt) and Peter (Giunta) are (both) great guys. So I think we have a really nice, good staff…we get along.
Q. Chase Blackburn has been very active as the "Mike" this year, that's the only place he's played thus far, right?

A. Not "Sam"…he's played inside, yes. Chase (Blackburn), to me, is one of those guys you can plug in anywhere and he would do a great job.
Q. When you look at having to replace (Michael) Boley for that first game, is Chase (Blackburn) in that competition?

A. Yeah, I think when we get closer to game day we'll know where we are at, but yes Chase (Blackburn) can go into any spot.
Q. Your defense used a 5-1-5 the other day, what do you think of defenses with one linebacker?

A. I think it's probably going to be more of a pressure look. Maybe one of the other two linebackers are blitzing, there are times for change-ups because offensively they've got to go ok how are we blocking everybody. I think that's something we do all the time, so I think it's a good change-up…it puts a little pressure on them.
Q. How are Coach Tom Coughlin and Coach (Bo) Schembechler alike?

A. Very detailed, very player oriented. As a staff, every single guy on every single play, and every minute that we're in practice, you have a responsibility.

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