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LB Jon Goff Transcript


Q: Perry Fewell said he would like to see you take a lot more snaps in a game this year. How do you feel about that?A: I feel great about it. Last year, playing in mostly run-down situations it was invaluable experience. I feel great taking on that extra responsibility.

Q: Do you expect the linebacker corps to add more pieces during the season?A: I think we do have a relatively young group, but we have a lot of talent and we are all definitely ready to step up.

Q: Why do you think the group will be better than last year?A: Last year's experience for myself. Mike Boley's coming back, Mathias is back and also Clint Sintim. Also, we have some younger guys that are ready to step up and play some significant roles on special teams for us.

Q: Would that be Greg Jones?A: All of the linebackers. Pick any one of them. I support all of those guys.

Q: Does this camp feel any different for you?A: It's camp. We're here to work. We're here to get better. We're here to gel as a team.

Q: Anything you worked on this offseason to get better?A: Flexibility. Changing directions. The usual things.

Q: Are you lighter?A: No.

Q: You lost a lot of experience. Is that a concern to you?A: I think that we all learned a great deal from those guys. Their experience was great for us. We all learned and got and better because of that.

Q: What in particular did you pick up from Keith Bulluck?A: How relaxed and comfortable he was out there on the field, in the meeting rooms. Just picking up little things that you pick up here and there from playing the game as long as he has.

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