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LB Mark Herzlich


Q: Reaction to the injury to Jon Goff?

A: He is a great guy and he has helped us out a lot while we were preparing and I think he is going to be around to help do that still.

Q: Have you and Greg Jones talked about that at all?

A: Not really, you come in and just have to know that the opportunity is there and we need to know all the positions. I played Mike, Sam and Will in the preseason and I just need to focus more on the Mike because there is that void and that is something that will be decided later.   

Q: How hard is it to learn the whole playbook?

A: That is what the preseason was all about. You have to learn everything in the preseason. As rookies, we played the preseason games as if they were our regular games. We had to know everything and that translated over into the same study habits and translates over to the season. 

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