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LB Mark Herzlich Transcript


Re: Learning from the veteran playersA: That's the good thing about the linebacker room, everybody is helping everybody. We're all competing against each other but still there's help going on.

Q: How do you describe this whole process for you? Has getting out there today and last night put any closure to one part and started up a new process?A: I think it has put a little bit of closure to the whole campus story and everything. Obviously I don't want that to go away. I'm very proud of what I went through and want to help as many people as possible. But for the next 28-30 days, it's all about learning the plays, executing on the field, and making plays.

Q: … Is that kind of solace for you at this point, you're back in your element the way you want it to be?A: I'm not where I wanted to be yet because where I want to be is on the New York Giants 53-man roster. So, there's still more to go. That's obviously a big accomplishment if I get to that point.

Q: Were you hoping to go to the Patriots or the Giants?
A: In the NFL. I wasn't very picky with teams.

Q: Did you root for a team?
A: Yeah, everybody's going to be upset, but I was from Philadelphia. You know how that goes. But, my dad has always been a Giants fan. So I get some solace from that.

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