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LB Mathias Kiwanuka


Q: What did you think about what Vick said after the game?A: I understand his frustration. Nobody wants to get hit that many times. I just feel like if you're going to be the kind of guy who's going to be able to tuck the ball and run, once you put the ball away [the officials] can't protect you as a quarterback anymore. You have to give that right up. If he's going to stand in the pocket and continue to just pass the ball then he would have an argument. Once you put that ball away you're surrendering [that right].

Q: Do you think he has a case that he doesn't get flags as much as other quarterbacks?

A: I think he has a case with his team. I think they have to figure out a way to get better schematics to deal with that. It's a double-edged sword. That's one of their greatest weapons, but that's also one of their greatest downfalls is the fact that he is such a good runner and he does put it away so fast and people can get to him.

Q: What about when he is in the pocket? He feels the officials aren't protecting him like other quarterbacks.

A: I couldn't see an argument for that because I feel like if he's standing in the pocket, as a defensive player it's tough to be able to get a legal hit on a guy so we always feel like [the officials] over protect the quarterback. If he's just standing in the pocket, he doesn't tuck the ball away at all, I feel like he's going to get that call nine times out of 10. It's hard to make that distinction of when he actually puts it away and becomes a runner and when he's standing there.

Q: Were you relieved to see that the officials were actually letting you hit Vick?

A: I don't think they had a choice. We got good pressure, we were getting there, they were legal hits. There weren't a lot of flags. That was part of our game plan, was to get some legal hits on him.

Q: Did you feel like you were confusing the Eagles offensive line?

A: I think we did a good job of that. Not just their line, but their offense in general. Whenever you have different groups of guys running in and out you're able to get different looks on offenses.

Q: What does this win mean?

A: It was a big win. It's in the division and it's putting us in a good position going forward. I think that's the biggest thing. There's a lot said about this rivalry and we always want to get this win.

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