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LB Michael Boley - 12/7

Q: What does a healthy Jacquian Williams add to the defense?
A: He adds a more explosive, athletic factor to our defense. He's a tremendous athlete. He does a lot of different things for us.

Q: Can you talk about their run game? How good is their run?
A: It's real good. A lot of people talk about their pass game and that's what a lot of people focus on, but they run the ball very effectively. They've got four backs that can run it, so they do a good job of putting those guys in different situations and they do a good job of running.

Q: Do you have to almost read both run and pass before you do anything?
A: You have to. You've got to read run first. That's with any team. If you're thinking pass first and they get you back on your heels, they're going to pound the ball at you.

Q: How do you evaluate the way you guys have defended tight ends?
A: Just trying to show them as many different looks as we can. We've faced quite a number of good tight ends this year and so it all pretty much all boils down to game planning.

Q: Coach Fewell said that you guys didn't execute against the run against Washington. Is that what you saw?
A: There's no doubt. We saw it in the game. It wasn't anything complex. We just didn't execute on defense and they gashed us.

Q: How do you go out there this week and make that change?
A: We have to be more fundamentally sound, gap sound, technique. Things like that is what hurt us.

Q: What are your thoughts on how Brees' game has changed over the years?
A: He's still putting up numbers. Not to take anything away from him, he's a great quarterback, but you have to look at the supporting cast around him. He has a laundry list of guys that can make plays and he does a good job of distributing the ball to all of them.

Q: In games that he hasn't performed well, is there a common thread that you've seen that has caused him problems?
A: No, not really. Everyone has their day. That was his. I'm sure he'll come in here with his 'A' game and we can expect that.

Q: Anybody can have a bad day two weeks in a row.
A: It happens, but hopefully he'll have another bad one this week.

Q: This is the first time all of the linebackers will be out there this season. How excited are you to see everyone out there?
A: It's going to be exciting. We all haven't had a chance to be all out there together showing what we can do. We're all back healthy and playing, so it's going to be a fun game to watch.


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