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LB Michael Boley

Q: What was it like on the field after you had the interception?

A: A lot of congratulations.

Q: It seems like the defense is fired up in camp. Were you feeding off Perry Fewell's energy in a play like yours?

A: Most definitely. Our defense feeds off of turnovers, especially at this point. It's one of the things that we want to get better at. We don't think we did a good job of it last year and we want to be one of the top in the league on it this year.

Q: Last year, in between injuries there were some moments where you showed speed and bursts. Were there moments when you felt like yourself last year or was it all kind of messed up for you?

A: After coming back after the hip, obviously it took me a couple games to get my legs back and to get really going. As you know, I missed everything last year. I missed OTAs, training camp, I was on the PUP starting out so I didn't get to do any team activities. It was all working on my own and not getting a feel for the other ten guys on the field. After a couple of games, things started falling into place and then I was back out with the knee. It was up and down.

Q: Are you anxious to see how a healthy you fits into this defense and what you can do on the field?

A: Most definitely. I haven't been fully healthy in two years. We'll see.

Q: Are you fully healthy now?

A: Fully. I'm good. Good to go.

Q: What kind of impact does being on the field in training camp bring to you?

A: It brings a lot actually being out there and being able to practice with the guys. It's one thing to go through OTAs and the minicamps and putting stuff in, but actually getting out here when the intensity picks up a whole other level, seeing how all eleven guys mesh together, it's a good feeling.

Q: When you first came back from the hip, you were out on the field in games and you had only been on the field with these guys a handful of times.

A: Right. My first week with the guys was the week I came back from my hip. All I had was a week of preparation leading up to game time.

Q: Did that hold you back a lot?

A: I think it holds a player back because you're learning the guy next to you. It's one thing to sit in the meeting and you're both talking on the same page, but once you're actually playing beside each other and getting a feel for each other, it's totally different.

Q: Is the defense coming together for this early in training camp?

A: Oh yeah. Getting the guys, as far what we've learned so far, our biggest thing is getting everybody on the same learning curve to start out. We have some young guys in our meeting room. We have some young guys on our defense. To get everybody on the same page mentally, everything will fall in place.

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