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LB Michael Boley


Q: Did you think you may have had some daylight on the fumble?

A: No, I knew he was coming. He was the guy who actually blocked me when I was rushing so I knew he wasn't too far behind me.  Q: Did you feel him?

A: I felt him right behind me as soon as I picked the ball up.  Q: Is there a sense of urgency on defense this week?

A: It is a sense of urgency, regardless of who we play. It is the next step for us to get where we want to be. We feel that what we put on film the other day wasn't Giant football. We came in and got some corrections in today and today we have to put last week behind us and look forward to Sunday.   Q: Are you happy about what happened to the Cowboys yesterday?

A: It is early. We really didn't care who won that game. Right now it is all about us and we can only control our own destiny.   Q: Do you have to resist the temptation in the locker room to react to your outside critics?

A: It is a different mentality in here than what goes on the outside. What people think on the outside is exactly what it is, on the outside. We just tell them to stay tuned because it is still an early season.

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