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LB Michael Boley


Q: What is the problem with stopping the run?

A: That is the problem. It is not what they do, it is what we do and we keep hurting ourselves.

* *

Q: What is wrong with the defense?

A: It is not a situation of what is wrong with us, it is can we execute what we do. At times we are great and other times we are not so great. It is us doing the small things to keep working.

Q: Are you getting players lined up more now?

A: Not more, it is about me being the Mike linebacker and getting the call out and making sure that everybody is on the same page. That is my job. If guys are not in the right spot, I am there. More times than not, guys know where they are supposed to be, it is just a matter of it being loud and me having to echo the call all the way across the field.

* *

Q: So was that the issue?

A: No, it was more about trying to get the call out.

* *

Q: Are you concerned with the offenses coming up?

A:  We don't worry about the offenses we are about to face. At this point in the season, we are more focused on what we need to do right versus what they do right. !

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