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LB Michael Boley


Q: What has Eli said to the team about this experience?

A: He just gave us a rundown of how things are going to go and the itinerary, travel and family and what not. Q: How does it feel to be in a meeting preparing for the Super Bowl?

A: You hate meeting but obviously this is a meeting you are glad to have going to the Super Bowl. This is my first one so it is a joy.

* *

Q: Has it sunk in that you are playing in the Super Bowl?

A: It honestly hasn't sunk in and I don't think it will until we get to Indy. As far as the rest of this week, it is pretty much like a regular work week.

* *

Q: How do you think you did against the Patriots tight ends in the first game?

A: I think we did okay. Obviously they did not have breakout games as far as stat wise but they both made some plays on us during the last game.

* *

Q: Why is it hard to defend them?

A: It is kind of rare that a team has two great tight ends that can be split all over the field and do the things that they do.

* *

Q: What does the previous meeting mean to this game?

A: Those games mean nothing. That game was so long ago, I think that was week 9. A lot has changed not only with their team but with ours.

* *

Q: Do you remember watching the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl?

A: I actually don't watch the Super Bowl if I am not in it. I just have been like that since I have been in the league. If I am not playing in it, then I won't watch it.

* *

Q: Will you watch it now?

A: No. That was four years ago and that game will have no bearing on this one.

Q: What has this stretch been like facing these elite tight ends?

A: From week to week it has been a similar thing for us as far as our game plan. It has always been about these are the guys that we have to stop going into the game. We always have a list of targeted guys that can make a game. For the tight ends, it has been a long list of them lately and it is kind of one of those things that we embrace. We love the challenge.

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