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LB Michael Boley


Re: depth of this year's linebacker corps**A: We've actually got a lot of depth this year. It's a good thing for us, Spencer (Paysinger) can fill in and do some work, Mark (Herzlich), those guys can easily pick up a slot.

Q:  Different than last year's lack of depth?A: Yeah. I've always been part of the team that had a thin linebacker corps. Now having a lot of depth, it's a bonus.

Q:  Can you play a full game if need be?A: Yeah, did it for eight years.

Q:  Even with the hamstring injury?A: Yeah, that's not an issue anymore. Finally got that behind me.

Q:  Are you looking forward to playing more?A: Oh yeah, most definitely. Anytime. Competitors don't like to leave the field, and I'm one of those guys. I'm looking forward to being out there for awhile.

Q:  Are you 100% now?A: Yeah, feeling good.

Q:  What's the mood on the defense?A: Something to build on. That gave us a chance to actually sit back and look at things that we need to correct within ourselves, as well as what the other team does.

Q:  Will you guys look to defend Vincent Jackson differently?A: No. We have some corners that can match up, and do a pretty good job on him, and get hands on him.

Q:  You expect to start right?A: Yeah, I expect to. Unless something changes between now and then.


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