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LB Michael Boley

Q: How about you and Martellus with three picks and three touchdowns in as many games?
A: I hope we both just keep the pace throughout the course of the year. I'm not gonna say either one of us is gonna break.

Q: What's it say about this team that when somebody gets hurt, the next guy will come in and really do the job?A: It just says a lot about the depth that we have on our team. All across the board, to have some guys go down and have guys step up, and it doesn't seem like we missed a beat.

Q: Does it shock you when Andre and Ramses go off like they did?A: No, it's not shocking. We know the time that we have, those guys are on the team for a reason. I've liked Andre ever since he first got here. Obviously, he had the Achilles injury, which set him back. He bounced around a little bit, but we know that we was a good back and I'm just glad to see him get in there and actually play real well.

Q: What do blowout wins do for the mentality of the team?
A: For us, I wouldn't say it really does anything for us. For us, it's a win regardless of how we got it, whether it's by a point or it's by 20. It really doesn't matter to us.

Q: Is it good to go into a long break with a win?
A: It's always good to go on any kind of break with a win. We put a lot of emphasis, being a short week… We knew it was going to be tough. We stepped up to the challenge and performed well.

Q: Are you looking for some normalcy after playing two games in four days?
A: We're just trying to find our groove. We're starting to find our identity as a team and it's a lot different from last year when you go from up and down each week to we feel like this week that this year we're starting to catch that groove early and hopefully we'll hang on to it throughout the year.

Q: What is this team's identity?
A: We're a tough, physical team that'll never quit. We play every game from start to finish and that's who we are.


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