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LB Michael Boley


RE: Missing practice due to hip injury**A: It's something that's been ongoing for a little while, so today was just kind of rest it a little bit and get it a little bit better.

Q: Think you'll be out there tomorrow?A: I would hope so.

Q: Do you see that the Browns are better than their record indicates?A: They're a lot better than their record presents. I think from what we saw, the biggest margin of loss they had was 10 points. They've been in every game they've played, losing the first game by a point. This is a good, young team. They've got a lot of talent, a lot of guys that can make plays.

Q: Is it difficult to get up for a game like that after the loss at Philly?A: No, it's not difficult. It's the next game. For us, coming out of it, it was a disappointing loss for us, second division loss at that. So we're definitely looking to bounce back and rebound from that game.

Q: What do you think about Brandon Weeden?A: A lot of different things. Just the way he approaches the game. Just the way he kind of manages the game. Obviously, he's not like most rookies; he's a little older. So he's got some knowledge behind him and he's got a lot of different skill guys to work with.

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