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LB Michael Boley Conf. Call


Q: Do you think the team is ready for the start of the season?

A: Yes, I think so but at the same time, I think we have a few things that we have to clean up. The small little details within the defense.  

Q: Do you need to clean them up Thursday?

A: There is nothing like getting ready for a game like preseason. I don't know how much work we are going to get on Thursday but whatever it is, whether it is a series or quarter, I think we have to go out and make the most out of it.

Q: Do you expect to play?

A: I don't know yet but for us as players, we have to get ready for it both mentally and physically to play on Thursday. Coach has not told us anything so as far as we are concerned, we are getting ready.   

Q: Do you think there is a reason for you to play?

A: We need some improvement in some key areas and focus a lot on the details just to make sure we have all of our things in order. If we get out there for whatever time we are in the game, we are up for the challenge.   

Q: What do you think about Eli so far?

A: It is the preseason and they are still working on things like we are still working on things on the defensive side of the ball. Those are things and reasons why we use this time wisely to focus on those things. I have the utmost confidence in Eli so whenever this regular season starts, he will be clicking on all cylinders. 

Q: Does it take time for him to adjust?

A: It is just like any other quarterback. We did have an extended offseason and you didn't have that time like you normally had with OTA's and pre minicamps to start working on your timing so we are kind of behind the eight ball a little bit. It is a process.

Q: Out of the young linebackers, who stands out?

A: Spencer Paysinger has come in and worked his way to a pretty good backup role. He has down a pretty good job and turned some heads so far this preseason and also Herzlich. He has come in and done pretty well also. They are both knowledgable and came in and picked up the defense right away and stepped in and made some plays.

Q: Are you concerned about the regular season?

A: Not at all. It is still the preseason and it hasn't affected our schedule as far as how we are going to prepare and get prepared for the regular season.

Q: How much of an emphasis was put on finishing this year?

A: A big emphasis. That has been our Achilles heel the last two years. We have had that tendency to come out on fire and not be able to sustain that throughout the course of the season, so for us, especially as a defense, to kind of keep things rolling and keep that intensity throughout the whole season.

Q: How about finishing games?

A: A big point of emphasis. As we all saw last season, we had some games where we were hanging in at the end of the game and things fell apart so that is one thing that we want to get corrected as a whole.

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