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LB Michael Boley Conf. Call


Q: What goes into the Giants finishing games?
A: Good preparation. That was a big thing for us coming into this year. It was finishing games. We didn't do a good job of that last year so that was a big emphasis for us going into this year.

Q: Are you guys playing any differently or doing anything differently?
A: It is just a matter of want to. I think we have a different mentality to finishing games now. I think at times last year, we got kind of lackadaisical at times. We got away from the things we did earlier in the game as far as keeping the pressure on. This year it is a different mentality as a team. Our whole mentality is to keep the pressure on and don't let up even during the times late in the game when we are behind like yesterday. It was kind of like don't lose hope because there is always time.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you?
A: There was nothing that really surprised me. I think we showed each other what we can do as a team once we get everything clicking together as an offense, defense or special teams.


A: Pick the ball up. Our philosophy on defense is that every ball on the turf is ours. We want to leave no doubt in the referee's head that it was a fumble or not. We would have done the same thing that they did, pounce on the ball.
Q: Was it a rule that you knew about?
A: I kind of knew the rule especially when it comes to a guy giving himself up. When it comes to the rule, it is all about how the ref sees it versus the actual rule being in place. We have our rules but when it comes down to the game, it is about how the ref saw it. It could have gone either way.
Q: Are you surprised that you are in a tie for first place?
A: I am not surprised at all. For us, the team that we have and the guys coming in and out, we believed that whoever is in there at any point, they will get the job done regardless of what position it is.
Q: How good of a job has Tom Coughlin done this season?
A: He has done a good job even not just the things that he thought but the things that we know as players and that is that there is nothing you can do about injuries. We know the sport we play and that it is a dangerous sport. Injuries come and go and things come and go.





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