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LB Michael Boley Conference Call


Q: Can you remember a regular season game that intense?

A: No, I can't.

Q: Why was this game such a big deal yesterday?

A: It was because of who it was. It was a big time opponent and we were going into their home where they had won so many consecutive games. It kind of carried a little bit more weight.

Q: How much confidence do you get from a win like this?

A: I think it gets us very prepared especially going up against one of the top teams like New England. It was a true test for us as a team and us going out and showing what we can do.

* *

Q: How do you go about not having a bad second half of the season?

A: You just try not to think about it. In the past, I guess we have shown that we can collapse, so for us, we just try to focus on each game at a time and not try to look too far ahead.  

Q: Why did man-to-man work well against that type of offense?

A: It works with the skill guys that we have and the skill guys they have and the offense they run. It was a way to mess up their timing and they are a timing offense. Playing man-to-man coverage allows you to step up and get in the receivers face and get hands on them to throw off their offensive timing a little bit.

Q: How were you trying to shut down their tight ends?

A: Just give them a different look. Don't do the same thing over and over. Just try to do different things and different looks at them to try to confuse them a little bit.

* *

Q: Did you wonder if you had all the pieces on this team when people were getting hurt and signing with other teams?

A: I wouldn't say that I am surprised. Coming into training camp, we didn't have the normal offseason that we normally have. Having the training camp and preseason, things we speed up a little bit. For the veteran guys, it gave us a chance to see more of what the younger guys can do and the guys that didn't play as much. Seeing these guys in training camp and during the season, I am not really surprised at some of the things they are doing.

Q: You didn't ever think that you may need some more players?

A: No, I didn't think that at all. I think we have a pretty close group just as far as the way we all come together as a team. We have some guys who have flown under the radar so to speak and they have stepped up and been big for us.

* *

Q: How do you keep the younger players' heads in the game, like Jaquian Williams, when their roles get reduced?

A: I just keep talking to them. With any young guy, things are going good and some slack off and lose their confidence a little bit. For me, I just talk to my guys and tell them to keep pushing. There is always a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of what's going on, you just have to keep playing.

Q: Did you ever think that Jake Ballard could be the player he is?

A: I thought he has the potential to be good. Obviously, he didn't get a chance to play last year to show what he can do. He has taken full advantage of the opportunity he has gotten this year and he has been able to step up in that starting role and be very productive.

Q: Was there anything that jumped out at you about him?

A: Nothing that really jumps out at me.

* *

Q: Did you talk about San Francisco at all today?

A: Today was pretty much talking about our game. We want to look at the things we did right and also the things that we did wrong.

* *

Q: Will you watch film on San Francisco today?

A: I am already on it. It is going to be a big game this week. Everybody sees that they are doing well. Us going out there, it is going to be a tough challenge for us.

* *

Q: Is the New England victory over?

A: Yes, pretty much. You have to have a short memory when it comes to winning and losing. We did have a big win yesterday but we have to put it behind us and look forward to the next game. We have a tough stretch coming ahead.

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