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LB Michael Boley on Giants defense


Q: What is the reason why the Giants have been so successful against tight ends recently?

A: We are just doing a lot of different things. We had some man-to-man coverage on them and we had some zones on them to keep them off balance. We don't want to give them the same look over and over. Q: How far has this defense come this season?

A: A long way. Early on, we were so up and down with the linebackers and secondary. One week one thing would hurt us and the next week it would be something else. The last couple weeks, we brought things together, not really simplifying things but putting more emphasis on making sure everybody is on the same page.

* *

Q: What has Chase meant to the defense?

A: He has been tremendous. It shows the dedication that some people put into the game. A lot of people who had been sitting at home for four months and hadn't got picked up, it would be disheartening but for Chase, from day one when he stepped back on the practice field, he was all out. He was flying around, he was right back in the mix of things. For him to step in and play the way he has played has been great. 

* *

Q: How healthy were you when you played in the Packer game?

A: I was about 70 percent when I came back for that game. Going into that game, my plan was to play very limited and unfortunately we had an injury so I had to go and that led me to play more snaps than I thought I was.

* *

Q: Do you see some of you when you watch Jacquian Williams play?

A: No, he is a different cat than me. He has it all. To actually sit out there and watch him for the first day that the rookies got here and his ability and the way he goes from sideline to sideline, it is tough to mimic that at the linebacker position. 

* *

Q: Can their offense be shut down and what gives you the confidence the Giants can do it?

A: I am not going to say shut them down but I am going to say slow them down. I think that is the key for us just limiting the plays that they have on offense and hurting them on third downs, that is the thing that is going to help us the most.

* *

Q: Did you see anything from Kansas City's blueprint against them?

A: You can take a lot from that game. KC did some things that a lot of teams didn't do, they hit them in the mouth and made it a real physical game.

* *

Q: How important is it to cover the tight ends in the NFC?

A: It is very important, starting with the team that we are facing. They have a tight end that they pretty much use as a wide receiver. They put him out wide, they put him in the slot, as well as put him in the regular spot at tight end. They put him in a lot of positions to get him open.

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