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LB Michael Boley Transcript


Q: It's been relatively quietly here, outside of the Osi thing. Have you paid much attention to what has been going on at Philadelphia?
A: You see it on TV every now and then, but I'm not worried about that. It's exactly what it is—I don't pay attention to what other teams do.  

Q: People have been talking a lot about the linebacking corps. How good do you think you guys can be?
A: We can be as good as any men out there. We come in here every day in our linebacker room and we put a lot of work in. A lot of demands come on us, as far as the things we need to be able to do in our room.

Q: What do you see from some of the younger guys in the linebacking group?
A: They've been doing really well. It's a little bit of a rush, for the guys. For most rookies, they didn't have that Rookie Mini-Camp and OTA's and all of that. There's kind of a lot being thrown at them at once. They seem to be picking up on it pretty well and are doing well at practice.

Q: Do you have a different role on the team now that you are one of the more experienced players?
A: It doesn't change anything. I'm trying to take on more of a leadership role with the things that I do on and off the field. Being around guys like Kiwi, I learned a lot from him as far as the way he leads, the way he talks. I've been able to take on things like that over the years and try to implement that in the stuff that I do

Q: As one of the veterans on this team, how worried are you about the Osi situation?
A: I'm not worried at all. I love Osi to death, but what he's doing is his thing—I can't think about it. I think we have a lot of other good guys here that can step in and fill that void even if Osi is not back with us.

Q: How hard is it to see Osi on the sidelines rather than on the field?

A: It's not hard. It's one of those things that you try not to think too much about. I'm glad he's in the building, that's for sure. It shows that he still wants to be here.

Q: How excited are you about Jason Pierre-Paul from what you see in him?
A: Very. He's a tremendous athlete. He's fast, strong and could make a lot of plays for us.

Q: What do you miss the most about Osi?
A: A speed defensive end. He's very quick off the ball. He commands a double-team* *with the way he comes off that edge.

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