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LB Phillip Dillard

Q: Are you excited for the opportunity to play right away?

A: It's a great opportunity. I'm trying to make the best of it. I have this playbook, and I have to make sure I learn everything and get down the terminology, and earn the respect of the veterans.
Q: You know the Giants need a linebacker, so it's a big chance for you:

A: It is, obviously. I mean it's all you heard during the draft was that they needed inside linebackers. They took the risk by drafting me, so I'll make the best of it.
Q: Why'd you say risk?

A: Well, not a risk, but they just drafted me. Just a word I used.
Q: But are you happy about it?
A: Yes, I'm excited. It's a great organization and this is a nice place with a wonderful stadium. The fans here are good. It's a perfect spot.
Q: How crazy is that book you're reading (playbook)?

A: It's actually not too crazy. I understand their defense, but it's just the different terminology. I'm getting that down pat pretty quick.
Q: Are you trying to be a leader in this camp?

A: Yes, I think it starts in the huddle, and then you look to the coach for the huddle. You have to be loud and proud in the huddle.
Q: Isn't that difficult with guys you never met?

A: Nah, it isn't. We're all out here trying to make a statement and find our way on this team. You have to be vocal and that's what the coaches want to see. We are all out there busting.
Q: What do you think your greatest asset is as a football player?

A: Being loud. I'm very physical and fast. I want to have a grasp on everything and I don't like making mistakes, and making the same mistake twice. I stay square, and I use my hands really well.  

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