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LB Spencer Paysinger Transcript

Q: And you had to catch up to it or you felt like you're ok with it?A: It took me a couple plays to catch up to it, but I think by mid to end of the day I was trying to get on their segment. Obviously, I've only been here about two or three weeks, but I think I held my own.

Q: You made a couple plays yesterday. When you saw the tape, were you pleased with what you did there?A: Yeah, I mean there are always some corrections that can be made, but overall I think I did well for my first day.

Q: …special teams has got to be an important thing. How do you feel about that?A: I think it's very important. I'm a rookie trying to make the team, so special teams can be a good platform to make that. I'm trying to get on any special teams I can, whether it's running down, kick-off or blocking somebody on the kick-off return.

Q: Did you play much in college?A: Yeah. I started all four years on about two or three special teams.

Q: When you looked at a couple of offers coming, what was it about this team that made you want to come here?A: Just the overall organization. The coaches have been here for a long time together. I knew a lot about the linebacking coach and Coach Coughlin is a great coach. They had a lot of veterans on defense, so I knew if I came here I'd be able to learn a lot.

Q: You're a west coast guy, right? From L.A.?A: Yeah.

Q: Was that a big change for you to come out here?A: A very big change. When I got the call I was actually on my way to train, and then about two or three hours later I was on a plane coming out here. I said a lot of quick goodbyes and then hopped on a plane for five hours.

Q: What do you think of the area here?A: I love it so far. I mean, I've only seen here and the hotel. A lot of my friends have been asking me how the big city is, and I say I wouldn't know yet. In about a week or so maybe I'll try to get over there.

Q: How's the groin—is everything ok?A: Yes, everything is fine right now. I'm just keeping a little wrap on it, just because right now, but everything is fine.

Q: It must be frustrating when you're here trying to make a team, trying to make plays and then you have to miss a couple practices. Is it scary?
A: Yeah. Speaking for a lot of guys that have been injured the past couple days--rookies trying to make the team also—we felt like we've had a couple good practices and then get out with a groin or something else. It kind of takes it away. It takes away opportunities, takes away …Obviously, we want to be back on the team and we want to be practicing.

Q: Coughlin said he thought he was going to leave you out for some time. Didn't seem like it was that bad, did you surprise yourself?A: It was relatively light. I've had some in the past in high school and college and I felt like this was one of the more mild ones. I knew I wouldn't be out for a long time. I just needed some rest and relaxation.

Q: What were the parameters that they gave you in terms of your opportunity to compete? What exactly did they think the potential was for you to come here?A: They said I had good potential to come here. They liked me in coverage; they liked me on special teams. They are looking for other roles such as Michael Boley that can cover somebody 20 yards down the field, but also help out on the run. It's a good opportunity to make the team and especially on special teams also. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to come here this fall.

Q: Were you surprised when they said that Michael is not going to practice and he offered you the ones?
A: Yeah, it happened in the locker room. I was just standing there waiting and then nobody saw Mike. Then Coach Coughlin said just go with the ones today. I kind of got a little excited, but equally as nervous. I just have to talk more with the ones. Jon Goff told me if you ever need to talk to me, I'll talk to you on the field; I'll coach you up and everything.

Q: Did you get a chance to see anything with Mike from yesterday's practice? Was there anything he pointed out to you?A: Just little tips on where to be, like foot placement, hand placement. Little things like he sees on the field that's helping me.

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