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LT William Beatty Transcript


Q: Progress from week one to week two?

A: Week two we scored on offense. We knew that [after] our first game we had a lot to improve on. Coming in to week two, we said that these are our new goals. So we set forth to actually make the goals. Playing in front of our home crowd, having them chant, it was a good feeling being home. It was offense, defense, and special teams - all got it in. For us, it's good and we've just got to keep improving on that and keep building on our progress.

Q: Did it seem to take a while? The first two series were three-and-outs.

A: I had a lot to do with that first series. Once we got settled, once we got into it, we got everything flowing and everybody was working together. We were in unison a lot better this game than last game.

Q: Are you happy with the way things are going now?

A: There are always areas to improve. We're still in preseason, so we've still got a lot of guys to go through. This is going to be another great challenge for us this weekend. It's just making sure as a team that we keep improving on ourselves this week. It is about the other team, you want to beat the other team, but you also want to evaluate yourself and the players on the team. We have to make this the best preseason that we can from the short amount of time that we have to prepare for it.

Q: Was it a letdown when Osi Umenyiora went down and you couldn't practice against him?

A: The few days I had, three days of a good pass rusher, got me seeing what a good pass rusher was before I had to do it in a game. They were three good days. I'm wishing him a quick recovery. I still see him, I still talk to him in the meetings, it's not like he just disappeared. If he's healthy, we're going to get a lot more from him than if he has a lingering injury. I'm just praying the best for him.

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