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Manningham Twitter Q/A


Twitter Handle: @nygreporter 

Question: @ManninghamNYG82 @Giants Mario: What will be the biggest difference in having training camp moved from Albany to the Timex Center? Thanks!

Mario Manningham: We practice at Timex all the time during the season so it will be the same for us. Albany is great for training camp but it is nice being back at Timex also. 
Twitter Handle: @NBurruel 

Question: @Giants @ManninghamNYG82 whats the toughest part of having so little time to prepare for the season? Mental or Physical??

Mario Manningham: I would have to say the mental part is a little tougher because we didn't have OTA's or Mini Camps this year. Chemistry is going to be very important the next few weeks and making sure everyone is on the same page. 

Twitter Handle: @DietrichRyan 

Question: @Giants @manninghamnyg82 What is your favorite part about being a wide receiver in the NFL?
Mario Manningham: I love making a big play. As a WR, every play is an opportunity to make a game changing play. I love the opportunity!  
Twitter Handle: @InderNYG 

Question: @Giants Who is the toughest Cornerback you have faced in paractice or in game?

Mario Manningham: Broncos CB Champ Bailey on Thanksgiving 2009. He's a crafty vet and has a great grasp of the game and it is all natural for him.  
Twitter Handle: @ashyyelbows 

Question: @Giants @ManninghamNYG82 whats your favorite thing to do in the off season?

Mario Manningham: Hang out with my son. Interact with my fans. And train to get ready for the upcoming season. Also, I plan on being on twitter all season! Follow me @Manninghamnyg82 
Twitter Handle: @ManhattaKnight

Question: @Giants Can you please ask him why he's not wearing his old Michigan number of 86?
Mario Manningham: They gave me the number 86 at Michigan, I thought 82 looked better when I got to NY. Also, when I got here in 2008, someone else had number 86. 
Twitter Handle: @CJYounger

Question: @Giants ok cool, would like to ask as long as @ManninghamNYG82 stays healthy, what is his predictions on him breaking 1,000 rec yards?

Mario Manningham: I don't want to jinx it but I hope to break 1,000 yards this year. But at the end of the day all I care about is winning! 
Twitter Handle: @ken_novak

Question: #GIANTS #NYG @Giants @manninghamnyg82 if you could play with any other michigan alum's, who would it be?

Mario Manningham: Packers CB Charles Woodson and Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley.  
Twitter Handle: @GerardH51 

Question: @Giants How did you decide to play in college at Michigan?

Mario Manningham: They gave me my first scholarship offer. And they have the coolest helmets. LOL!
Twitter Handle: @JordanKominsky 

Question: @Giants @manninghamnyg82 what did you do to stay in shape during lockout

Mario Manningham: I would run hills. Tire my legs out. Gotta make sure I was prepared and ready to work hard from day one of training camp. I split my time between Clifton, NJ and Ohio!

Thanks for asking me these questions! I plan on being on twitter more this year so be sure to hit me up at @Manninghamnyg82

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