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*Practice last week was at a much faster pace, obviously, with a lot less guys on the roster. The week flew by, and then it came time for our trip to Washington on Saturday afternoon. It was interesting because I had never taken a train to a game before. So it was kind of fun. The train was spacious and comfortable as we went down there as a team. Once we got to the hotel, we had our regular meetings.

**Everything felt normal like our preseason games. On Sunday, it was game time, and we took a bus over to the stadium to go through our routines.

**I think the most special part was right in the opening when we did the 9-11 tribute and the flag was spread across the field. When everybody was singing the national anthem, I got goose bumps out there. It was a very cool experience. The game started, and it was fast right from the get-go. I was only on special teams, so the first quarter seemed like kickoff, punt return, punt – all back to back to back. The game did slow down as it went, though. You got used to it a little bit, but it was obviously tough to lose the season opener.

**We went right back to work at the facility on Monday and had a good day reviewing the film. We're starting a new week now and just getting ready for the St. Louis Rams. We are working on getting some of the kinks out a little bit and making the corrections that we need to make.

*Tuesday was a players day off, and I went to Costco to get some necessities. But then it was right back to the facility to watch more film. I watched some special teams tape of the Rams and their kick squads and kick returns, as well as a little bit of their offensive film. After that, it was time to rest. I kicked back and watched the "Lincoln Lawyer" last night and went to bed. Now it's back to work today.

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