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There is a reason the NFC East has not allowed back-to-back division champs in almost a decade.

It's because of the competition between the four teams, making it possible for one franchise to go from last to first in any given season -- and vice versa. But the scales are often tipped according to quarterback play, which led to a recent topic on NFL Network’s “Total Access.”The question was: If you could have one quarterback in the NFC East, who would it be? Eli Manning (Giants), Nick Foles (Eagles), Tony Romo (Cowboys), or Robert Griffin III (Redskins)?

While Rod Woodson and Warren Sapp -- two members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and current analysts -- weighed in, NFL Network held a hashtag contest on Twitter to decide the winner.

"The dual threat in Washington is who I'm going with because you need to be able to throw the ball and run with your legs," Sapp said of Griffin. "I have to give you a dual threat, I got to have your defensive coordinator with sleepless night, and RGIII is that for me."

Meanwhile, Woodson went with Foles.

"I think what he played and how he played last year was outstanding -- 27 touchdowns, two interceptions," Woodson said. "The question is: can he repeat the performance? Now I think he can definitely do that because he has the best overall running back in the National Football League in Shady [LeSean] McCoy, the defense is playing better, but I just like his demeanor in the pocket."

Then it was time for the results, and Foles led the division that boasts a Pro Bowl quarterback on each team. Manning came in second, followed by Romo and Griffin. Here were the full results:**

NFL Network's Hashtag Contest**

Foles: 32%

Eli: 24%

Romo: 23%

RGIII: 21%

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