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Nicks confident he will play Sunday


Q: How do you feel after practicing today?

A: I did a few reps in every period. I wasn't limited at all in what I did when I cut in and out and burst a little bit. It is just a matter of me knowing it was there but it wasn't limited at all. Q: How much did you push it today?

A: I pushed it to the fact where I would at least have an idea of where I would be on certain routes and certain plays. It wasn't any setbacks and that is a good thing.

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Q: You are optimistic that you will play?

A: I am confident. I am confident that I can get the job done and I will be full go.

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Q: Do you feel better today compared to the rest of the week?

A: Yes, each day it gets better with me taking care of it the way that I am taking care of it. I feel like it is getting better each day.

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Q: Do you have your burst off the line?

A: Yes, I think I can get that and we still have a day and a half to go. With me treating it and taking care of it, I think that will be fine. Q: Were you happy that the game got moved to a night game?

A: It definitely helps and it gives me a lot more time to warm it up before the game and get some treatment early in the day and helped out a lot.

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