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NYG WR's get set for Jet Challenge


As Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks race toward Amani Toomer's franchise record, they'll have to pass through the Jets' vaunted secondary this weekend.

But first, the two wide receivers knew they would have to pay the toll and field questions about Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. They did so on Wednesday as they were peppered by a frenzy of local media gathered at the training facility.

So let's get it started. Who will Revis cover?

"We'll see," said Nicks, who is 248 yards shy of Toomer's 1,343 set in 2002. "We don't know their game plan. We know what we're going to do."

"I don't know," said Cruz, who needs just 150 yards to break the record. "I think it will be more Hakeem being that he's the guy that's been around and they know a lot more of him and stuff like that. So I think it will be Hakeem, but you never know. It could be either one of us. They might play us even and just stay on each side. We're prepared for every matchup. We're preparing for whatever the case may be, and we'll come out and be ready to play."

Cruz repeatedly used the term "discipline" to spell out the key to being successful against the two Jets corners with unique traits. He, like the rest of the league, knows Revis presents the combination of speed and strength, while Cromartie uses his wingspan to shut down receivers.

"They both like to get pretty physical," Cruz said. "They like to get hands on. Revis is a little bit better as far as swiveling his hips, he's a little bit more mobile. Cromartie likes to be physical. He's got those long arms and he likes to get his hands onto you and kind of follow you around and kind of run your routes for you."

Nicks will wait to see if Revis locks onto one of them, as he is known to do. But either way, Nicks knows he can make plays.

"He's a guy you're not going to just beat, beat consistently like that," Nicks said. "But you've just got to work your craft. You've got to go out there and go hard on each play and you've got to make plays on him."

The Jets currently rank seventh in the NFL against the pass, giving up 205 yards per game. Opponents have thrown just 13 touchdowns on them as well, which is good for second behind the Baltimore Ravens (10). Revis leads the outfit with four interceptions, while Cromartie has posted three (and don't forget cornerback Kyle Wilson who has a pair himself).

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride weighed in on the corners.  

"You usually don't see a guy that quick that has strength like Revis," Gilbride said. "He reaches and grabs and holds as good as anybody in the league. You can see the strength when he does, so he must be a powerful guy. I think Cromartie has good speed and those long arms. It is hard to run by him because he is in that trail position so it is hard to come back underneath him. He can reach up and deflect some things when you try to go over the top so those are some quality players. They are totally different but both good cover guys."

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