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O-Line Coach Pat Flaherty

Q: So, why do you keep losing linemen?

A: I guess I'm a mean guy, huh? (laughter) Running them into the ground. It's part of the game and unfortunately it's something that you don't like to see as a coach but it happens and you go in and prepare your room as offensive linemen to be ready to adjust as we talked about last week and I mentioned to the young guys that there's some camps out there that if you were with another team, there may be 15 linemen and you're getting two or three reps and right now you're going to get seven or eight so that's going to be a good thing for you. Sometimes I have to correct mistakes as we go and as you saw the other day, I got after a certain position and really when I coach I try to get after a position because when an assignment error happens, it happens at a position and you don't attack the person itself, I don't want to ever do that as a coach. You attack the position to be better and we had a couple of goof ups in a row and it kind of boils water a little bit hotter as the time goes.

Q: We're seeing a lot of Whimper at guard, what should we make of that?

A: Nothing right now. What it is, is getting guys some work that he hasn't had in his career and he had some in the OTA's and minicamp and we want to make sure he gets some work in the pads because that's where you're really going to find out about someone, is with those pads on and he hasn't gotten that much work with the pads on at guard so we like to keep him there as long as we can, but it's day to day, practice to practice as you've seen.

Q: Was Beatty pushing at all or not really?

A: Well, you know there's going to be some transition period with young players. You're going to see a little bit of a yo-yo effect and you try to level it off as much as possible but it's nothing that I have not seen from other players before. It's nothing to panic about, it's something that in time he'll work it out and it's just a matter of me doing a better job at coaching.

Q: Shaun (O'Hara) ready to come back Monday?

A: I see those guys all the time and kind of joke with them but I don't really get involved with the injuries, I don't. As a coach you want a guy that's going to be healthy, you never want to be in a position where you're responsible for hurting them. In drills we're very careful about that as an offensive line group. We want to do the right things regarding safety.

Q: Last summer when Adam Koets got some work at center, he didn't look quite ready, is he better now?

A: You see improvement, you do. The improvement you see is that he is more aware of the position and the cadence and the snap as much as anything. The transition period going from a positional player to snapping the football is the snap and that is something that he needs to get better at and we would like him to finish his blocks and play with the power that he created in the offseason because he did a great job in the weight room. He got a lot stronger.

Q: In terms of communication and continuity, what do you lose when you lose the regular guys?

A: You lose somebody, for example, who has been taking Spanish class for four years and then have a guy that is just taking it in his first year. Maybe that's a good comparison. The guy that's taking it for the first year has to get a little bit smoother at the language and that's what it really is. You can tell I took Spanish when I was in college.

Q: Koets and Whimper have both been here for a little while. At some point don't they have to make that step to show you that they can be productive players here?

A: Absolutely. When you're here and you're a player, there's a timeframe where the clock is running and you need to step up and prove that you can play in this league.

Q: If Seubert does have to rest that arm for the next two weeks, will we see more of Beatty, Diehl, O'Hara and Snee?

A: I don't know if you'll see more but you'll see a combination and that combination as we talked last week is going to be in and out through the course of the preseason until Coach Coughlin determines when we need to get it settled. Right now we need to keep trying to find out the right combination and the best five players that we possibly can.

Q: Is it still to be determined on Whimper and Koets whether they have stepped up and proven they can play?

A: I think it's day by day. The more we put pads on and get into preseason games, that'll be a good evaluation process for them.

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