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OC Kevin Gilbride - 12/20


Q:  The Ravens have a lot of injuries on defense, but they are generally a well-coached group. What do you see from them up-front and in the secondary and what are some of the difficulties they present?**
A:  You see size up front. They're very powerful, big, difficult to move, displace. It's hard to get a consistent running game. They've had some injuries with their linebackers, so I'm sure they're feeling inconsistent, but we see the ability level. We see the sparks as a good thing. We know we have our challenges. You couple that with: they're one of those teams that's going to make it difficult to get in a rhythm because they pressure so much. They're going to be willing to gamble and take chances and sometimes it's hard to get a consistent movement package going, but what you hope is that there's going to be some chances for some big plays and you capitalize on them when they're available.

Q:  Anything in particular that they do in the red zone?
A:  We're really in our process tonight when we zoom in on the red zone, so all I've watched is the game film and cut-ups and everything else but the red zone, but I'd be able to answer that for you tomorrow more effectively. Right now I'm making a guess. Not that you see, just that you've got some good players and you have some experienced players that are very capable of studying film and getting a sense of your tendencies and they're willing to gamble and take some chances. The names are well known.

Q:  Ed Reed is one of the all-time great safeties in the NFL. Is it his athleticism?
A:  That's certainly the starting point. The guy's got some ability. Once he has a pick or picks up a fumble, he looks like he's 22 years old again. You hear about the injuries and the age and this and that, but you don't see that when he starts running with the ball. You're kind of holding your breath. I think as much as the athleticism, which is obvious, is that he looks like a guy that does a lot of film study and has a great sense of what you're doing so his anticipation is tremendous. He really sees what's unfolding and he's one of those guys that has phenomenal confidence in his ability to diagnose what's happening so he's going to take chances that not everybody would take. Because of his knowledge coupled with his athleticism, many of those gambles pay off. He's somebody you have to be in-tune with and aware of at all times.

Q:  Are you confident that you'll have your full offensive line this Sunday?
A:  I have no idea. They haven't practiced yet. We're hopeful. I know the toughness of the guys and I know their desire to play. Because of that, I'm expecting them to play. They haven't practiced and we haven't seen them out there on the field. I think they'll play, but that's just my confidence in them because of the type of people that they are.

Q:  What did you see from Jim Cordle on Sunday?
A:  Jimmy tried. He battled, he fought, he gave it everything he had. When someone does that, I'm never disappointed. As long as you're giving your best…and he certainly does that.

Q:  Do you expect to see Ray Lewis on the side of field?
A:  Who knows? You guys would know better than I. You're more in-tune with what's going on in there than I am. It wouldn't shock me, I know he's trying to come back and I know with the number of injuries that they've had at the linebacker position, it certainly wouldn't surprise me in any way. I know that they're looking for a spark. Certainly his return would help galvanize them a little bit. I have no idea.


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