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OC Kevin Gilbride on the Jets' Corners


Q: How has your relationship developed with Eli Manning?A: I have been with him a long time. I have had a great relationship with all those guys and Warren (Moon) was my first and we were close in age, only five years apart. This is my eighth year with Eli and he has gotten to the point where he will see a look on my face and say what did he do? I will say he has to go a little deeper or take it out a little more or his angle. It is a great working relationship but it only is if there is a trust thing and mutual respect but, also, he has heard it enough times that he can take it and truly be an extension of us. Which he is. * *

Q: What do you have to consider when putting together the offensive line this week?A: It is fairly simplistic, how do put them together so that we are the most cohesive and we will be able to perform at the best level. That is combining run and pass and everything else. We will make that decision but it is fairly easy to see who is playing well and who can play better or what person can contribute more to the quality of the group and the performance of the group. That is what you consider and it is not that hard to make that decision.

Q: What makes the Jets corners so good and effective?
A: They are both good players but they are completely different. One is a unique combination with good speed and strength. You usually don't see a guy that quick that has strength like Revis. He reaches and grabs and holds as good as anybody in the league. You can see the strength when he does so he must be a powerful guy. I think Cromartie has good speed and those long arms. It is hard to run by him because he is in that trail position so it is hard to come back underneath him. He can reach up and deflect some things when you try to go over the top so those are some quality players. They are totally different but both good cover guys.

Q: Do you think Hakeem is better suited for that because he is so strong?

A: We hope so but I think that if you don't display consistent good technique, a guy like that can eat you up because he is a quality player and he looks like he is well prepared. I don't know anything except what you see on the field but he looks like he has a command of where his leverage is and where his help is coming from. He overplays certain things and if you are sloppy and tipping certain things, he is all over it. He looks like he is well prepared and you combine that with the skills that he has, you have your hands full. You have to be executing at a very, very high level and if you do, you have a chance to win. Hakeem catches the ball very well and he has great hands. He usually adjusts to the ball very, very well. He is outstanding with making the transition to where the ball is and that is certainly his strength. His pass catching ability and he is also a very strong and powerful person as a receiver and so is Victor. We have two guys of that nature but again if you get sloppy or careless, these guys do a great job and are physical at the line, in particular (number) 24. He looks like he is strong and when he grabs you, the guy doesn't move anymore. If you are careful and working very hard, then you should have a chance. You have two good players going against each other and if you don't, you are going down fairly easily

Q: Do you plan to use Ramses as the tight end in four wide sets?

A: We will see, we have always done both. We mixed them in and out but with Jake being out, we will see.

* *

Q: On the play to Ware, should that normally be Beckum?

A: It should have been and it normally is and that is the danger of asking somebody to do something different. He was by London and if we had another yard or two we could have had a big play. There was some hesitation and he wasn't really sure and that is me asking a guy to do something that he doesn't normally do. That is not fair on my part but we needed the personnel grouping and we would have had a chance for a big play.

* *

Q: It looked like Eli wanted him to go in more?

A: That is what he should have done, it was more of a post in the middle but that's what happens when you have injuries and guys come in. They kind of know and in the heat of the game, they are not quite as sharp as they would be. It is really not fair to ask it of them but you have no choice because that is all you've got. You know what you want to do schematically and you know the things you think that they can do but in the heat of the game, you have your fingers crossed that it will play out the way you envisioned it. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

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