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Odell Beckham Jr. aims for better offensive execution


Odell Beckham Jr. is striving to be better and eliminate drops this Sunday:

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.– Odell Beckham, Jr. has caught 20 passes in three games, but it's the throws he didn't secure that are receiving most of the attention.

The three-time Pro Bowl receiver dropped two passes in the Giants' loss to the Buccaneers last Sunday, and unofficially has four drops on the season. Last year, he had approximately six in 16 games. Beckham was asked today to explain why he has mishandled more throws than he has in the past.

"I was talking to coach (Ben McAdoo) today and the routes that we're running and the DB's – I talked to them after the game; they were like, 'We know you're running a certain route,'" Beckham said. "So, it was just me putting extra onto a route, just trying to create more space. I kind of have to trust myself more in the sense that when I make my break, not everybody is going to be able to come out and close that little gap. So there's a split second where you're like, 'Oh, they're coming on your back.'

"I told 10 (Eli Manning) the play before that, I caught the ball, ran on the sideline soaking wet, wiped my pants, gloves still soaked, wiped the jersey – soaked. I'm about to take them off, we're in hurry up. It's like there's no time. I was like, 'If this thing comes this way, I don't know what's going to happen.' It came that way. But we went back in. We caught some passes after that, so drops don't really bother me. It's just something, my confidence is too high. You know, you drop the ball. It's definitely an accident. I didn't do it on purpose."

Beckham was targeted 15 times by Manning and finished with a team-high seven receptions for 90 yards. And he was not the only wideout to mishandle a pass that hit his hands. Brandon Marshall also dropped two passes.

That prompted McAdoo to say in his postgame news conference, "They catch the ball for a living. We need to do a better job of catching the ball."

This week the 0-4 Giants will host the 0-4 Los Angeles Chargers. One of the Chargers' corners is Casey Hayward, who led the NFL with seven interceptions last season. Hayward is a six-year veteran.

Beckham said a cornerback knowing what route he is running should not preclude him from catching the ball.

"They study film," he said. "I was talking to (cornerback Vernon) Hargreaves after the game and he was just like, 'You know, we know a lot of what you're doing.' But it still just comes to the point where you have to trust it. We have to trust 10 to make the throw like he did, not put anything extra on (the route). Because if I didn't put something extra on it, the timing probably would have been perfectly right. I didn't get my head around fast enough, but we'll be alright."

Beckham is equally adamant that the Giants' offense can succeed as it is currently designed.

"It's the system," he said. "It's our offense. We were 11-5 last year and we were running the same thing. So is it really this or are we just not executing right? And I don't think we're executing the way that we can, at a higher level. It wasn't a problem last year when we were winning games. So, it's just a matter of execution, really."

McAdoo said Monday that the Giants need to simplify what they do schematically, so talented players like Beckham can showcase their skills.

"You can play faster (with simplification)," McAdoo said today. "The more thinking you take out of the equation, the faster you can play.

"(It is) just with the calls and the communication. It starts with the coaches. Just going back and detailing the fundamentals. You don't want to go back into a training camp mode, but you want to get pretty close. Just make it simple. Let players run, hit, tackle, block, catch, do what they do best."

Beckham supports the notion that whether the game plan is simplified or not, the key to the Giants' success is improved execution.

"Be better than them," Beckham said. "You know I'm running a slant. Beat me on a slant. Do it. I don't see you doing it. That's just what it has to be. That's the mentality you have to have. It has to be, 'Ok, cool. You know I'm running a slant. I'm going to beat you inside and I'm going to catch this ball and get seven yards' or whatever you're going to get. It just has to be that mentality. You have to have it. Now is the time you have to have it. It's not that we're pressing, but now is the time."

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