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Odell Beckham Jr. teams with Dude Perfect for must-see trick shot video

Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the newly named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and the star of the NFL's 2014 Play of the Year, teamed up with the cast of YouTube sensation Dude Perfect to create a must-see trick play video.

Beckham Jr. was a perfect fit for Dude Perfect as he displayed his athleticism in both football and basketball from Arizona State's Sun Devil Stadium for a series of jaw-dropping trick plays.

Beckham Jr.'s must-see tricks included the "Odell Alley-Oop" and the "World's Longest One-Handed Catch" - thrown from the very top of Sun Devil Stadium.

In addition to the internet-breaking one-handed touchdown catch that made Odell Beckham Jr. a household name in 2014, Giants fans that arrived early to games in 2014 saw Odell put on a one-handed display during pregame warmups.

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