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Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride


Q: Why has the offense been able to not turn the ball over?A: You deal with it every Sunday but the thing is to stay away from it and that is the key. It is something we have stressed and have been very sensitive and conscience of. It still comes down to making good decisions. And other times it just comes down to fortuitous things that go your way and so far it has bounced the right way. I saw the one bounce off Victor's chest and all I could say was, 'here we go, again,' but this time it fell harmlessly to the ground. There are so many contributing factors and I know everybody wants to know what is the reason but it never is just one thing. I think (Eli) is doing a great job with his decision making. The receivers are doing a great job of catching the ball and collectively we have been able to stay away from some things. He has been willing to take a sack and sometimes that is the best decision to make when you don't have an opportunity to throw it away. I think it is good decisions and guys catching the ball.

Q: Is Victor better on the outside rather than inside at this point?A: Probably not. When you think of an outside guy you think of a tall, big guy that can run and that doesn't describe him but it is easier to be an outside guy from an intellectual stand point. There are less variables that come into play. For a young guy it is much simpler because you have a corner and a safety and that is it. Sometimes the corner roles and the safety rolls over the top or drops down so it is just two things. When you go inside, there is a lot more. There are linebackers, there are nickels and corners and safeties so it is a lot harder from a learning standpoint. Eventually, I think that is going to be his spot but to his credit, when he is outside, he reaches up and he is strong and can run after the catch. He has shown that from day one. If you throw the ball near him, he will go get it. We will move him around, just like all of our guys, but right now, we have a desperate need for inside guys so we are trying to bring him along as fast as we can. Him, Jerrel, and that is why we brought Brandon Stokley in, just to get enough guys that you felt comfortable. I think he is getting better but it is a process. It is a lot harder to learn and become confident inside there.   

Q: Is Beckum someone you want on the inside?A: It would be nice to have a tight end that can do that. That was not even Kevin Boss's thing. Kevin was a unique tight end. The further up the field, the more special he became. You would love to have the guy that is working from the line of scrimmage to 15-18 yards down the field, inside, is an effective player for us. Over the last few years, it has been the slot position but some people do it with their backs. Some people do it with their slots, we will do it with whomever. We are always looking for someone to play or fill that role effectively and efficiently.

Q: How is Beckum's development?A: He has been slowed down a lot so right now he is still very much at the learning stage. He is in his third year and he has been hampered. Every time you see him coming along there is something that rises up and sets him back so he is still at the beginning of the curve.

Q: When he is healthy, what do you think he can do?A: We are hoping that he can get open and catch the ball.

Q: How has Eli been doing this season?A: I think well. He is making good decisions and he has always been an accurate passer if you protect him and you have guys around him doing the right things. I think right now it is a credit to him but also a credit to those other guys because they are doing the right things and making plays. He has been playing well but I think they all share in the recognition that he has gotten because they did the right things and made plays for them.

Q: What have you seen from the Cardinals secondary?A: You have two very athletic corners that can run and one kid is an extraordinary athlete for his size. You are going to try to put him in a position that he hasn't seen or maybe you see something that you think you can take advantage of. There is no question that we have a lot of respect for all those guys.

Q: Is Peterson as good as advertised?A: He looks like he is going to be a special, special guy. He is a big guy that can run like crazy. He is a very confident or border line arrogant guy that knows he is good and is taking chances already. You see him in cover two rolling in and trying to steal one on the hook and to do that as a rookie is a little bit different. That is the confidence he has in himself.





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