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Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride


Q:  What do you see in the Bucs defense?**
A: Right now they have a lot of high draft picks playing up front. They look like they have some power, but more than anything, I see great energy and great speed. A lot of movement, a lot of twists, a lot of slanting and angling, maybe more than what you see normally. Right now, you see because of that, you see a lot of disruption, from both in the preseason, which maybe you might expect it because guys haven't been playing, but you saw the same thing last week in the regular season game, which is a little bit discouraging. Hopefully we'll handle it better than what we've seen so far on film.

Q:  What have you learned about David Wilson since that fumble?
A: We're just very conscious. It was something that we were worried about, we've tried to do everything we can to make him cognizant of how important it is that he focus on that aspect, and as you're concentrating on everything else, that it's second nature. You try and do that and as much as you say it, sometimes it takes an experience like that before you get hit over the head. Hopefully he'll respond the way we expect him to, which is, running as hard as he can, and doing everything he can, that he'll know first things first, you can't turn the ball over.

Q:  Did you learn anything about how he deals with adversity?
A: He's continued to work at it, which is encouraging. I don't know if we learned that, we expected that. So his response has been what we expected it to be. Now it's about transferring it to the game.

Q:  Do you expect him to be a part of the game plan?
A: Yeah, mhmm. He'll play.

Q:  How did you compare Doug Martin and Wilson coming out of the Draft?
A: Different styles. I think David has great explosion and great speed. I think Doug Martin looked more, what's the word I want to say, versatile, ready to do all aspects, pass protection, pass catching as well as running. What they did offensively and what Virginia Tech asked of David are two completely different things. In some respects, he is a little further along in those aspects at playing the position.

Q:  Would you have selected Martin?
A: Oh, I've got no say. You have to talk to the General Manager about that one. I have zero say.

Q:  Do you feel like you've compensated for the loss of Mario Manningham?
A: We're looking for that guy to make the big plays when they load up on everybody else, when they're doubling Vic (Cruz) and Hakeem (Nicks), then someone needs to win for you, and it has to be the tight end or the third wide receiver or the back. We've been fortunate when we've played real well to have that third guy step up. It was Mario last year, the last five-six games when he was healthy, and through the playoffs made a lot of big plays for us, and made the most of the opportunities when they were presented to him because of Hakeem and Victor. We're waiting. I thought Domenik (Hixon), the few chances we gave him, he made some plays for us and we had an opportunity for another touchdown. His part, he fulfilled what we needed from that position. We just need more from the rest of the positions, that's what we're looking for.

Q:  So it will take more than one guy?
A: Oh, no question.


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