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Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride Q/A


Q: You've moved the ball, but I don't think you've had a touchdown in the first half of the last four games…A: It's been very frustrating. You look at the San Francisco game, that's about as good a drive as you'll ever have and then to come up with field goals is very, very frustrating. Last week we drove right down and threw the interception in the end zone. We can put ourselves in position, but that's only part of the responsibility. Once you put yourself in position you have to finish it and we haven't been doing that. And then the Philly game, of course, we had a couple major drops that would have set us up right away. I'm pleased with some of the movement we've had, but no question, it's all about finishing in the end zone.

Q: This is a game you can't afford not to finish in.A: You have to be perfect. Not perfect, but you have to play as close to your best as you can to have a chance. It's obvious that they're very good and undefeated defending champs. They're a terrific team. To have a chance, you have to be at your best.

Q: Do you expect to have Ahmad Bradshaw back this week?A: He's hopeful. He was trying to practice. I think he feels like his goal is to play, but he hasn't practiced yet so until he gets a full practice in, I think we're all kind of taking a wait and see posture.

Q: If Manningham isn't able to go, how does that hurt Eli?A: He hasn't gone for a while. He's been playing pretty well. You would always like to have your full arsenal of players, but you lose a guy that can have some speed and has made some big plays for us in the past and has made some big plays against this team. We'd love to have him, but he hasn't been around for a while and he didn't practice today so we'll just wait and see.

Q: Defensively, the Packers have given up a reasonable number of big plays. What is it about the approach of the game plan that, from an offensive standpoint, changes when you're going against a team that seems prone to thatA: I see a terrific defense. They have phenomenal speed and they have, obviously, some terrific pass rushers and what have you. I think sometimes, which will happen on both sides of the ball with terrific players, sometimes they'll take chances that maybe they shouldn't have. If you throw them the ball, they catch it. They don't drop it, they catch it and they return it. So I have a feeling that they're always trying to make big plays and some people have been fortunate enough to make some plays against them. But I know you look at them, you say, 'They're about as talented as you're going to face.' They're a very, very good defensive football team. They have terrific three-techniques. They have terrific outside pass rushers. Their corners can run like crazy. When you move Woodson inside you have a very effective blitzer. They're good. They're very good, but hopefully we can make some plays against them.

Q: Have you seen enough out of Eli this year to make you less concerned about interceptions when you're facing a team like this?A: You obviously don't know my personality. I've never been not worried about everything going into any game. He's been excellent. He's done a great job for us. I think he's been very conscientious in terms of not trying to take needless chances, recognizing the ceiling of a play. 'There's no sense of me trying to probe a little bit further on this play. Let me throw the ball away. Let me take a sack.' Whatever.  He's been very good with that. What bothers me is their ability. You see a deflection, the guy's got it. The corner is jumping it, taking a chance. Because they have some guys that are willing to gamble, take chances, almost trade off a big play for a big play. Even when you're doing it right, sometimes you get surprised by some of the reactions of the defense. And they are making a lot of big plays defensively. As you've said, sometimes they've given up some big plays. But they turn around and bite you in the wherever. I won't go anywhere specific. We just can't afford that to happen to have a chance. We can't let it happen.

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